Tempestas - Stormbringer

When the forces of nature met the strength of bravery and war, they created a weapon that can destroy everything that stands in its way. It can channel the destructive might of nature on the battlefield - lightning and wind, heat and cold.
  This powerful ancient artefact has been forged by the God of Creation himself. Created in one of the Skyforges, eons ago, it was a gift for Izral the god of war. It has been wielded by many champions of both gods. It led the forefront of many attacks and battles during the ages and has been last seen during the Siege of the Silver-Heart-Bastion about 750 years ago. During the battle, the champion weilding it fell, and the blade has been lost on the battlefield.  


The blade is rough and has many edges, somehow resembling the strucuture of lightning. It is made out of an unknown dark blue metal and streaked with another unknown white metal. Small lightning strikes are constantly surrounding the blade, jumping from the tip of the blade all the way down to the handguard.   The handle is made out of a beatiful dark wood, and decorated with countless carvings. A big diamond sits in the middle of the handguard and it's said, that this diamond turned blood red while the blade was weilding in combat.  


Initially Idros started construction of this blade, not for Izral but for the god of nature. But while crafting Tempestas, he realized that this weapon would be one of the mightiest weapons ever created, and only the god of War would be worthy to weild it. So he gave Stormbringer, which could channel parts of nature, to the Izral. Now it brings change and inspires bravery.
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