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Goddess of Life, Nature, Weather, Poison and Disease

Zethris is as unpredictable as nature itself. Her touch brings life, but her wrath can destroy entire countries. She is the patron of nature and the sea. She controls wind, rain and weather. Farmers and Sailors alike pray for her good will.  
Tenets of Faith
Protect all life. It doesn't matter which form it takes.
Embrace the wild. Nurture the untamed places of this world. Live in harmony with them.
Know your place. Nature is wild and unpredictable. Don't stand in the way of an unstoppable force.


Zethris' uses two different appearances, representing her duality. The beauty and power of life is represented as a youthful and playful figure, often depicted as a child with tousled hair, sparkling eyes, and a mischievous smile. She wears garments woven from leaves and adorned with flowers and vines. Plantlife grows where ever she touches the ground.   When Zethris gets angered, she shifts form into a colossal figure made of swirling winds and crashing waves - an ever-changing form reflecting the dynamic nature of the elements she controls. A crown made of storm clouds, adorned with seaweed and shells, sits on her head. Her eyes gleam with the intensity of lightning, and her voice sounds like the howling wind.  

Morals and Values

Zethris is as unpredictable as nature itself, but her commandment is clear. Embrace the wild. Live in harmony with nature. Protect and nurture it, and in return, it will care for you and provide everything you need.
Zethris highest commandment is the protection of all Life. Every living thing, every creature and every plant, has the right to exist and live. Destroying life for no reason is the highest sin someone can commit in the eyes of Zethris.   The goddess preaches to live in harmony with nature, to nurture it and get nurtured by it. Her followers embrace the wild and unpredictable aspects of nature. They value adaptability and seek harmony with the natural world. They understand the importance of coexisting, not only with nature but with other creatures, regardless if they are sentient or not.   Simultaneously, Zethris acknowledges that violence and death are as much part of nature as compassion and life. The natural world operates on a delicate balance of creation and destruction, life and death. Life blooms, grows and finally withers and dies in an endless cycle. Her followers understand that life, death and rebirth are interconnected processes necessary for the overall vitality of the natural world. One's death is the beginning of another one's life.   Nature is unpredictable. Winds and water provide life and comfort, but they can also be unstoppable forces, bringing destruction and suffering. You can't oppose such a force of nature, you can only learn to adapt and survive. Followers of Zethris have embraced this, and have mastered the art of adaption and personal growth.
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Dec 9, 2023 10:41

While I never want to see her angry, I kinda still want to see it because that form sounds badass

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Thank you! You really don't want to see her angry. I've heard she might have sunk an island or two in the past. On the other hand, it looked damn badass, if you disregard all the destruction it caused :D

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