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Natalia Revera

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Natalia is a Kyfasi wanderer, tasked with protecting the natural order of the Golden Coast. Already at a very young age, she explored the woods around her home, and the moment she got the chance, she volunteered as a wanderer of her people. Recently, she found a strange alien influence invading the ecosystem of the Burning Isles.  


Natalia was born in the spring of 849 MOR to the leader of a small village of the Kyfasi near Lirca. Even as a small child, she enjoyed exploring the woods and fields around her home, often spending more time alone in nature than at home in her village.   As a young teenager, her parents started to teach her about everything she knew, fully intending her to become the next leader in their small village. Natalia loved learning about the world and its history, nature and wild life, and the magic that imbues every living thing - but the moment the topic turned into economics, politics and leadership she quickly zoned out. Sometimes she even completely skipped these lessons, rather hiding in the woods for a couple days, then listening to her parents talking for a couple hours.   Natalia always knew that she didn't want to stay in her small village. She wanted to explore and travel the world, seeing all the wonders it holds, learning from it and nurturing it. So just a couple months after she came of age, she volunteered as a wanderer of her people, against the will of her parents. For the last 25 years, she has been traveling the Golden Coast only seldom returning home to report on her findings.   In the year 897 she stumbled upon something major. While exploring the Burning Isles, she noticed something alien invading the local ecosystem. She started to investigate the strangeness, which ultimately led her to a crashed alien spaceship, where she was captured by a group of Sahuagin. After a couple weeks she was freed by the Lighthouse Labs who were investigating the same occurrences.
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Year of Birth
849 48 Years old


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