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Burning Isles

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The Burning Isles are the last stop before heading into the open Misty Waters towards the east. Many ships sailing from Okodranous towards Erea stop here to restock on supplies and water one last time.   The main island, Korgutar, mostly consists of fertile volcanic soil and is perfect for agriculture and farming. They can easily provide for their own people and even have enough to trade supplies with ships coming through. Ashrood has the only harbour on the island chain which is big enough for the intercontinental ships to dock. It became the largest settlement of the island, and a large trading outpost of Okodranous.   The other islands are not that lucky. They are mostly infertile barren land with sulferic gases raising from the soil. With little to no fertile land, the people living on those island have to rely on fishing, trading or piracy to survive.  


The Burning Isles always have been an important stop for traders heading towards Erea. This led to the Norhterners on Korgutar building strong relationships with the Confederation of the Golden Coast while the other people of the other islands fell behind.   A couple hundred years ago, these tensions escalated, and the Southerns, attacked the main island and nearly every ship heading toward it. Quickly an alliance between the Confederation of the Golden Coast and the Northeners formed and fought back the rebellion. Within a couple weeks, uprising was knocked down, and most ships of the Southerners got destroyed. Still the losses of the Cofederation were incredible.   From this point forward, the Confederation of the Golden Coast started to reluctantly keep diplomatic relationship with all people on the islands. Even if the trade is not very lucrative, it's still nessesary to keep the peace on the islands and therefor the highly lucrative trade to Erea.
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The Golden Coast
The Golden Coast is a narrow strip of land wedged between the Mountains of Roxtoi and the Golden Sea. It ranges from the Arm of Torrus in the north, all the way down to the Ferozabay in the south. It is mostly controlled by the Confederation of the Golden Coast, which consists of the four major cities in the region Okodranous, Prevena, Protreni and Lirca and a couple of island nations.  
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