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A gently winding path leads you to a quaint little tower in the middle of a circle of trees. Ivy creeps up and around the base of the tower, framing a large wooden door. As you approach the door you notice a scrap of parchment nailed to it. On closer inspection you read:  
Hello and welcome! My apologies for not being here in person to greet you, but do come in and have a look around. I hope you will enjoy exploring the maps within!   If you would like to get in touch with me, just follow the signs to the Birdhouse. One of my feathery friends there will happily carry a message for you - they always know where to find me.   Yours, AP.   P.S. There should be some tea in the kitchen; feel free to pour yourself a cup!
  To the right of the tower a small tree threatens to grow over a studded wooden door, a sign indicating that is the way to the mentioned Birdhouse. A light push on the tower doors send them swinging open smoothly, and you step into a world of maps.


If you would like a regional map made for your project, be sure to get in contact to discuss it further with AP. All maps are hand-drawn digitally in Adobe Photoshop, and will be sent as digital files for you to use noncommercially.

Black and White Maps

A4 - £100
A3 -£200

If you would like your digital Black and White map to be kind to eyes, maps can be made off-white instead. (Example: see The Shire map)
Coloured Maps

A4 - £180
A3 - £280

For partly coloured maps, such as just the sea or other elements, see prices for Black and White maps.
  Please be aware that there will be a waiting list, so it may take a little time before AP can begin working on your map. The length of time will of course also depend on the size of the project.
For more information, head to the Library where you will find out About AP.. Other articles to be added over time, including mapping tutorials and a list of recommended tools and resources.

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