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Castle of Coral

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The Castle of Coral is a magnificent palace in the underwater city of Iriserend. As the city is built by a culture of Tritons with a natural gift for magic, the castle is a testament to their incredible magical prowess. Every inch from the foundation to the roof is infused with magic, most created eons ago.   The palace is made of shimmering white coral, and its tall spires and arches seem to be sculpted from the very substance of the ocean itself. Countless pearls and magical lights are embedded into the architecture and vibrant schools of fish and sea creatures surround the structure at any time.   Stepping inside the Castle of Coral is like stepping into another world. The interior of the palace is even more impressive than the exterior, with grand halls and chambers filled with opulent furnishings and decorations. The marble floors are inlaid with pearls, while the chandeliers are made of shimmering seashells.   The throne room is a particular highlight, with a throne made of solid gold and encrusted with diamonds and other precious gems. Its walls are adorned with intricate mosaics depicting scenes from triton history and mythology, making the room a visual feast for the eyes. The triton use their powerful illusion magic to make the castle even more impressive, creating stunning visual displays and otherworldly landscapes within its walls.   The Castle of Coral is not just a home to the ruling family, but also a place of magical study and research. Instead of relying on books to record knowledge, the triton use their powerful illusion magic to create enchanted records that contain all the information they need to remember. These records can be summoned and dismissed at will, and the information within them can be visualized and explored as though it were an actual place. This allows the triton to store and access vast amounts of information in a way that is both beautiful and practical, making the Castle of Coral a true marvel of magic and engineering.
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