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The Depths of Kathal'Dir

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Not many people step foot into the ancient ruins beneath Kathal'Dir. Only the bravest of the Giantborn venture down here to explore the legacy of their ancestors. The ruins above ground are already huge and breath-taking, but the depths are even more stunning. These ancient halls have survived the ravages of time rather well and still hold the most precious treasures and secrets of the Giants.   Not much is known about the depths. Outsiders are not allowed into the ruins and even the Giantborn who have studied the ruins for thousands of years now, fear venturing too far into the depths. After the giants were gone, many beasts and other powerful creatures settled within the ruins and the ancient magic of the Giants still protects their home. Many who venture too deep into the ruins never return.   The knowledge the Giantborn discovered in the depths, became their most valued possession and they are not sharing it with the rest of the world. Regardless of that, some stories and artefacts made their way off of Kathal'Dir. These bits and pieces are incredibly valuable to many scholars and tinkerers all over the world, as they hold magic even older than most of the gods.  
You would not believe what I've seen down there! Halls big enough to easily fit four to five Okodranian villea next to each other. And the carvings and ruins down there? I could spend decades studying them and I would still find new things! Sadly, we had to leave earlier than I wanted to, after we've got attacked by an enormous beast made of pure shadow. This was the most terrifying thing I’ve ever encountered! But, even if I nearly died, I really want to return down there one day to continue my study. This is just way too fascinating! I’d rather die down there, then being stuck in this library for the rest of my life. I just need to find some more mercenaries to help me get down there again…
— A scholar from Okodranous who sneaked into the ruins
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Kathal'Dir once was the ancient home of the Giants. Their empire is long gone, but the ruins of their cities still stand


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