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Confederation of the Golden Coast

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Quickly our anchestors realized, that fighting among themselves won't get them far. So the four major Cities of the The Golden Coast, Okodranous, Prevena Protreni, Lirca banded together, to help each other accomplish their goals. This alliance brought fortune and prosperity to all of us.
  The Golden Coast has a culture of traders and seafarers, who have fought between each other for ages. But during the they founded the Confederation, to reduce the infighting and improve the trading capabilities of everyone involved. Today the Golden Coast is one of the wealthiest regions of Teldora and the major trading hub of the continent.


The Confederation of the Golden Coast is a loose alliance between the four big cities of the Golden Coast. Its primary goal is the economic prosperity of its member cities and ease of trade between them. Because of that, the confederation imposes common taxation and customs laws and prohibits the taxation of intercity trade. Other than that, there is not much political influence coming from it.   A senate of 20 people leads the Confederation, 5 appointed by each city. This senate decides on taxation and custom laws, and does recommendation on other legislature. They also act as representatives of the whole confederation towards other countries, and can sign treaties in its name, after each city ratifies them.


The confederation does not own much itself and relies on its member cities for funding. It takes a minor cut off the taxes to pay for administrative tasks, but it's kept low on purpose, to not take too much power away from the cities. The only real asset that's owned by the confederation, is the administrative building in Okodranous and The Allegiance its capital ship for diplomatic missions.


For the longest time, the Confederation did not have a combined military, and all cities protected themselves. Recently pirates have threatened the trade along the Coast more and more. This lead the cities to form a combined military force to protect the trade. Parts of the navies of the cities have been transferred to this extra force and have started patrolling the coast and the islands.

Foreign Relations

The Confederation holds very good relations to every nation on the continent. As a major trading hub of the continent, their supply is highly valued. Even if they do not have a big military force, the natural defenses and their economic influence protects them from invasions.
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Wealth by Unity

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