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Meisian Empire

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To pass a law, that's binding for the whole Empire, all Protectors need to agree on it. As this rarely happens, there are not many laws made by the Empire itself and most of it is left to each Protectorate to decide. The Great Protector of Meisian only leads the Empire in times of war and enforces the fundamental values the Protectorates agreed on, when forming the Empire.


The Empire was founded during the War of Fate, when the Kingdoms of the South banded together under one banner. During that time, the Tuomari worked hard, to bring the Kingdoms together, as they feared the extinction of the whole civilization otherwise. So after many talks, the Kingdoms finally put their differences aside, and worked together for their own survival.   They all swore an oath before The Lawbearer, to protect the newly formed empire and selected a Great Protector of Meisian to lead them. But one of those Kingdoms quickly went against the other ones, hoping to gain power and influence over them. But the wraith of The Lawbearer quickly struck them down, and the Kingdom of Murokai is no more. Today this story is used to keep the protectorates in line, The Doom of Murokai being an example for what happens, if you betray the Empire. After that all protectorates adapted the faith of the Erathis and the teachings of the Tuomari in additon to their own.   Over the last centuries, the protectorates have become more distance again, but still they are united by their past and their faith. The Great Protector of Meisian now only has a representative role. But should it come to another war, the Empire will stand as one again, and the Great Protector will lead them into battle.


There is no standing military of the Empire. In times of war, the Great Protector of Meisian will call on the six protectorates and raise an army that way. The only standing military force, are the guard of the Great Protector. Consisting of 30 people, every protectorate supplies five warriors to serve in the guard.


The whole Empire swore allegiance to Erathis - The Lawbearer, and her temples can be found in every protectorate. Those temples are lead by The Tuomari and are the courts of the Empire as well. Still all of them honour their old faith as well and have temples to different gods.  
  • Kendal: Avandra - The Change Bringer
  • Birk: Sarenrae - The Everlight and Sehanine - The Moonweaver
  • Oistinis: Ioun - The Knowing Mistress
  • Montis: Moradin - The Allhammer
  • Ventura: Melora - The Wildmother
  • Osara: Corellon - The Artist
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