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Montis is one of the southern border cities of the Meisian Dynasty. Because of the constant conflict, between the Dynasty and the Clans of Dracari, Montis is one of the most fortified cities of the continent.


Montis has roughly 20000 permanent inhabitants, but many more traders, sailors and other travelers live here temporarily, before hading onwards. Even if the city was founded by dwarfs in the past, today many different kind of people live within the city walls.  


Montis is run by the Protector of the Mountain and a Council consisting of representatives of the most influencial factions of the city. Even if the council technically only advices the Protector, they have enough political, economical and cultural influence to force decision on the Protector if they want to. Most people would agree, that in the end, it's the council that runs the city, not the Protector.
Even if no one in charge would admit it, the influence of the Crimal Organizations of Krades is pretty noticable in the decisions of the council. If the city wanted to, they could probably shut down most, if not all of the illegal trade going on. There are many rumours, that the big factions in Montis get payed to look away from the doings of Krades or are even involved in them.
Members of the council include the two major religious organizations The Creator's Advocates and The Tuomari, as well as the biggest trading and mining guilds. Over the last few centuries, the council has gained more and more influence and practically runs the city by now.

Industry & Trade

Montis has the biggest harbour on the western coast of Teldora. Many goods coming from Iustura find their way through here to be loaded on smaller ships for distribution all over the continent. The ancient mines have lost their importance when the trade grew during the Age of Arcanum. Especially after the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon build two large portals in the Harbour. One of them was leading to a matching portal near Ventura, the other one is rumoured to have led directly to Dorovari.   During the War of Fate those two portals were destroyed and without the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon the knowledge on how to repair them was gone as well. Montis is still a major trade hub in the region, but without the portals it's only a shadow if its former glory. Not being able to fully rely on trade anymore, Montis has started to open up the mines. The city is now a major exporteur of minerals once again.



Temples & Shrines
Military & Government

Guilds and Factions

Merchant Guilds
Trade Guilds always had a big say in the politics of the city and are still the most influencial factions

Miner's Guilds
The Miner's guilds once were the most influencial organisations of the city and they have started gaining more influence again.
Religious Organizations
There are two big religious organizations in the city, both holding a big cultural and political influence.


Age of Arcanum

The city was founded thousands of years ago by the dwarves in the Silver Range as a harbour to ship away their products. The harbour, to this day, is the oldest structure in Montis. Over time, the trade pulled more people into the city. The dwarves started expanding from the underground harbour, while other races built their homes on top of the mountain, right above the harbour.   A few hundred years after founding of the city, the The Everlasting Empire of the Dragon enslaved the city after having conquered the whole region of Dracari and big parts of Meisian. They expanded the harbour massively and used the city as one of their main trading hubs in the region. Their ruthless reign and oppression of other races during that time left deep scars, which are one of the main reasons for the conflict between the Clans of Dracari and the Meisian Dynasty today. Many defenses and technologies in the city today have been created during that time.  

War of Fate

During the War of Fate the The Everlasting Empire of the Dragon vanished with all its inhabitants on Dorovari. Without the supply of troops and resources from their capital, the Dragonborn quickly lost hold over the region, and a bloody rebellion followed. The remains of the Empire, fell back and founded the Clans of Dracari we know today.  

Age of Mortals

In the year 753 the city was attacked by a legion of drow. It's not clear what their goal was, but the destruction was immense. Even if a group of adventures could warn the city a fortnight earlier, the precautions the city took were not nearly enough. The drow overran the harbour and collapsed major parts of it, which caused big parts of the Worker District above to fall into the sea, killing thousands.   Shortly after the collapse, the group of adventures called The Brotherhood managed to fight back the main attack on the market square of the city. After a long and deadly fight, the group killed the leader of the drow. After that, the remaining attacking forces got disorganized and quickly dispersed.


Montis is beatiful in it's own way. It might have been built for practical reason and lacks most ornamental aspects, but just it's location has natural beauty to it. Huge Mountains on one side, and the open sea on the other. And this doesn't even include the three beatiful waterfalls, falling from the city into the sea beneath!
— A trader when talking about Montis
  The city has a very unique geography, being crammed between the The Silver Range and the sea. Standing proud upon a cliff leading tens of meteres straight down, you get a beatiful view on the open sea on the one side, and huge mountains on the other. To the west there are rich forrests and plains, and to the east there is the barren wasteland of the Steppe of Murokai. A few small rivers are flowing straight through the city, falling over the cliff into the sea, and provide a permanent fesh water supply.
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