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Thunder Theater

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Fight enthusiasts and magic connoisseurs, get ready to be blown away at the Thunder Theater, where the magic meets the mayhem in the most epic showdown of the realms! We're talking about a next-level, mind-bending fusion of sorcery and bone-crushing combat that'll have you at the edge of your seat, screaming for more!   It's not just a fight; it's a freaking magical war zone where fighters bring the thunder and unleash a spectacle that'll have you questioning reality itself. Step into the Thunder Theater – where the magic is as fierce as the fighters themselves!
— Leandro - Owner of the Thunder Theater
  The Thunder Theater is one of the most impressive buildings in Protreni. It's a near circular landmark right next to the central city plaza and brings countless people to Protreni, just to see the fights and shows going on inside the arena.   The shows inside the Thunder Theater range from magical displays to comedic displays, but most of the time they focus on fighting. They often combine magic with physical combat, and many of the regular athletes are proficient Spellblades   In the year 892 MOR, the Thunder Theater in Protreni and the Spellarena in Tel'Denar came to an agreement to boost each other's popularity. They established a permanent teleportation system between the two venues and agreed to never hold events at the same time.  


The Thunder Theater is a circular building with an open roof. The combat stage in the center - often just called the pit - is surrounded by a strong magical force-field, protecting the viewers from any magic thrown around in the pit.   The arena has three ranks for viewers. The lowest rank, the chasm, is on the same height as the pit, providing a very close experience for the viewers. There are no seats here, only standing room for 2500 people. Even with the force field protecting people here, a handful of accidents have happened, when the force field was unable to stop the entirety of an incredibly powerful attack.   The second rank, the gallery, provides the best view of the pit. The most expensive seats of the arena are within here, and there are multiple viewing lounges for the rich and famous. There are more than 5000 seats in this rank.   The upper rank, the gantry, provides room for an additional 10,000 viewers, and contains the cheapest seats in the arena. The view isn't great, but a handful of illusions scattered above the pit allow viewers to follow what's going on in the fighting pit.
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Dec 31, 2023 13:16 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

This sounds like it would be amazing to watch. Though I'd probably worry about people getting hurt the whole time. XD

Jan 1, 2024 23:31

It's an amazing show, but yes it's also quite dangerous, but don't worry, the Thunder Theater employs the best healers in the city.

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Ah, there is nothing like people fighting one another for the personal amusement of others to pass the time; at least they get to experience the life-threatening dangers that the fighters go through should something explosive come near.

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it's always a spectacle in the Thunder Theater! And most of the time the spectators are save.... most of the time.   Thanks for your comment. Glad you've enjoyed it!

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