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While Tel'Avir is the capital of Dracari, Tel'Denar is its heart and soul. It's a symbol for a united Dracari, a window into a future we can build. We've been stuck in our clans for way too long. We shouldn't fight against each other. We shouldn't always try to one-up our brothers and sisters. If we work together, and built on what every sinlge one of us can bring to the table, we can build a bright future for ourselves and our children.
  Tel'Denar is the biggest coastal city in Dracari and its only real trading hub. The big harbour allows every clan in Dracari to sell their goods into the entire world, and buy wares from even the furthest lands. Nearly daily, ships travel from and to other major trading hubs, like Latera, Okodranous or Wesaris.  


For a long time, Tel'Denar was owned by Clan Kurathier, and they controlled nearly the whole trade of Dracari. Even when more and more other clans set up small communities here, Clan Kurathier held a firm grasp on the trade and politics of the city. Only in the last couple hundred years, that began to change. Today, a city council governs the city, comprising two members appointed by Clan Kurathier and five elected officials.  


Tel'Denar was nearly completely destroyed during the War of Fate, and few old buildings have survived. Some have been rebuilt, others have been incorporated into newer buildings, but most of the ruins have been torn down and replaced.  

The Harbour is the most crucial part of town. Dozens of ships come through here every day, and many citizens work on the docks or in the warehouses of the harbour. It's also the most active district during the night, housing many of the popular taverns, bars and restaurants. Most travelers and sailors are probably never leaving this part of town.


Kurat is the home city of Clan Kurathier and Tel'Denar formed around it. Today it's like a city within the city. They use their own laws, have their own city guard, and their own defenses. Only members of Clan Kurathier may enter this district without invitation.


The Spellarena is a place for everybody to show their mastery of the Arcane Arts. In many contests, people from all over the world fight with each other for honor and money. Many more traditionally leaning Dracarians despise the Spellarena, calling it a perversion of the ancient art, but it found a huge fanbase with the younger folk.

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