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Whispering Fields

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It took us a few days of travel along the Whispering Fields and these were the worst days of my life. Everytime I closed my eyes to get some rest, these voices crept into my head and kept me awake. The other sailors told me to just ignore these voices, but it was impossible - there were just to many! Time after time they crept back into my head, sometimes just a whisper far away, othertimes like a voice right next to me. I couldn't understand what they were saying, but I know they were crying out for help and it only stopped once we left the fields behind us.
— A sailor on their way to Asolios.
  The Whispering Fields are the remains of an ancient battle during the War for Dawn. It's said that the people killed here never found their eternal rest, forever damned to walk across the barren fields. Today only the most couragess and reckless adventurers come here in hope of finding ancient relics left behind, but most of these people never return.   Close to the Whispering Fields you can hear the whispering voices of the damned in the wind, speaking languages long forgotten.  


In the beginning the area between the two arms of the Red Stream were lush hills, filled with beautiful flowers and trees, but during the War for Dawn everything changed. Today this area is grey and dead and a permanent fog sits over it. No matter the time of day or year, the whole area stays cold and not a single breeze of wind blows over it.  

Fauna & Flora

The magic unleashed in this place twisted every creature that survived the destruction. The grass turned white and semi transparent, and the trees look more like stone statues than actualy living beings. A few prededators still live within the fields. People talk about wolves bigger than houses, and ravens the size of full grown dragons. From time to time travelers along the fields are attacked by these monstrosities, but barely any of them survive to tell their story.  

Natural Ressources

The fields are dead and barren and don't have any natural ressources left, but there are still a couple people hunting within the fields. The war left powerful artefacts and materials behind, and some people pay a fortune for a trophy from one of the beasts living here.
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Alternative Name(s)
Fields of the Damned


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