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The Doctrina Arkana is the oldest place for arcane study and learning on the whole continent. Even before the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon arrived on Teldora, people have studied the arcane arts here. We are not proud of what our ancestors did when they arrived here. They took over this place by force, and killed most of the natives here, but we can't change the past, we can only improve the future. So if you ask me, I think everyone should be welcome here.
  The Doctrina is a place to study the Arcane Arts. Every citizen of Dracari who has an natural magical gifts needs to spend at least three years here, to learn how to control the magic within them.  


The Doctrina is the oldest building in Tel'Avir, and often regarded as the sole reason why the city was built here in the first place. It consists of various rather simple buildings without many ornaments and decorations. The few dozen buildings provide enough space for all students to live on campus.  


Today, the Doctrina welcomes everyone who displays a natural gift for the Arcane. The base education takes about three years. During that time students mostly learn how to control the magic within them. They learn how to focus and form the energy within them and produce simple magical spells. These three years are mandatory for everyone with an arcane gift living in Dracari.   After these three years the studies dive into more complex topics. They learn how to concentrate their magic and create powerful effects. This is a very taxing education, and demands a very high level of self displine. Those who are not able to keep up this high level of discipline and carefullness often pose a threat to themselves and everyone around them and are not allowed to keep studying at the Doctrina.   Even if the Doctrina focuses on people with a natural gift, they also teach people without it the basics of magic, if they are tenacious and intelligent enough. In the past, the Doctrina sent their most promising students to the Academy of Arcane Arts after receiving a basic education at the Doctrina. There they could perfect their knowledge and abilities and often became one of the best students of the academy. In the year 753 MOR there was a major conflict between the Doctrina and the Academy. Since then no student of the Doctrina ever went to the Academy again and the Doctrina itself is providing the full education.  


The Doctrina was founded even long before the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon conquered Teldora, as a place of learning the arcane. People from all over the world came here to learn and study.   When the Everlasting Empire conquered Teldora this changed. They reporpused the Doctrina as a research outpost and restricted the study to only Dragonborn. For most of the Age of Arcanum it was nearly impossible for anybody else to gain access. Even after the Everlasting Empire fell, this bias took decades to overcome, but eventually the Doctrina once again opened their doors to anyone with a natural gift for magic.   After the War of Fate the Doctrina and the newly founded Academy of Arcane Arts decided to work together. For over 700 years they shared knowledge with each other and the Doctrina got a seat in the Ceres Colloquium as the Archmage of Sorcery. The Academy sent people with natural gifts to the Doctrina, while the Doctrina sent their most intelligent students to the Academy to finish their education.   In the year 753 there was a major break between the Doctrina and the Ceres Colloquium. It's unknown what exactly happened, but the Archmage of Sorcery Botron Arakesh and his close ally Donthor Xilric fled Asolios. Since then the Academy and the Doctrina stopped any and all collaboration and exchange of students and knowledge.
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