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Ages ago, Tel'Avir was one of the greatest settlements of the Everlasting Empire on Teldora and even before that, it always has been a nexus for magic and the Arcane. The old ruins and grand architecture reminds us of the greatness of the ancient empire everyday, but it also reminds us of its shortcomings and tragedies. It's a reminder of our past, and a window to our future.
  Tel'Avir is the capital city of Dracari and the seat of power of the Clans of Dracari. It's one of the oldest settlements on Teldora and has gone through countless different owners and variations. It is also the home of the Doctrina Arkana, the oldest institution dedicated to the arcane arts.


Tel'Avir is the biggest city within Dracari and only one of two settlements that are shared between the different clans. It's split into multiple districts, each of them surrounded by a wall. Ancient magic and wards are woven deep into the architecture and defenses of the city.  

Temples & Shrines
Military & Government


Arkana District

The Arkana District is the oldest and most central part of the city. It contains the Doctrina Arkana, and all major government buildings. It's known for its ancient but rather humble architecture, putting purpose before looks.

The Remembrance

Dracari is only a shadow of its height during the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon. Countless ruins and remains are scattered around the city, left to fall and wither away over time. These areas are collectively known as the Remembrance and are home to beggers and clanless folk.

River Side District

The River Side district contains the small harbour and a lot of the crafters and artisans. It's the busyest part of the city, as most day to day activity happens here.
Because Tel'Avir has to deal with regular floods, especially during the spring months when the snow melts in the Silver Range, an intricate system of tunnels and magic wards exist beneath this district, acting as a buffer for the extra water.

Dragon Park

Dragon Park is the newest and wealthiest district. For most of its existance after the Everlasting Empire vanished, most Clanmembers prefered to live within their clan homes. Over the last century, more progressive ideas found their way into the city and weakened the traditional clan structure. Some of the richest and most influencial people of each clan moved to Dragon Park.

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