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Latera is a medium-sized city in the Ferozabay and is part of the city state of Kamorda. It's home to the second biggest harbour within the bay, and is crucial for the trade and existence of Kamorda itself, as it provides the city in the mountains with a constant supply of food and access to the ocean.


Latera is a coastal city at the shores of the Ferozabay, surrounded by flat and fertile land. The tides within the bay are rather low, which makes the harbour easily useable no matter the time of day. Warm ocean currents flowing into the bay keep the area relatively warm and free of frost year round. Countless fields surround the city, growing everything from fruits to corn.  

Industry & Trade

Gate to the world

Kamorda ships all their products down the Avoratt on rafts. In Latera these products are sold to merchants coming through, who then sell them all across the world. The deep harbour allows even the biggest merchant vessels to dock here and purchase massive amounts of material and metal produce.

Granery for the Mountains

Latera is crucual for the survival of Kamorda, as the mountain city has barely any capability to grow crops in large quantities. The soil around Latera is incredibly fertile, and can produce crops year round. Most of these products are shipped back to Kamorda in order to feed the ever-growing city.

This means Kamorda and Latera mutually depend on each other and the coastal city is by far the most obvious week point of the otherwise impenetrable city state. Because of that, Kamorda invested heavily into the military and defenses of Latera. Today, after trade and farming, the military and the navy are the biggest employers within the city.  


Age of Arcanum
The founding of Kamorda
Eons ago, in the beginnings of the Age of Arcanum, Latera was an elven settlement called Ulo Edhil. This roughly translates into "Turquoise Gate", and probably comes from the turquoise colour of the Feroza Bay. Back then, it was nothing more than a small fishing settlement at the edges of the elven realm.   After another bloody conflict between the elves in the south and the Empire of Roxtoi, both sides agreed that they have to find lasting peace. As a symbol of this peace, they created a fortress up in the mountains. A place for both peoples to come together, to trade with each other, and find shelter and protection. This was the birth of Kamorda.   Within a couple of years after the founding of Kamorda, it became clear that the city needed a reliant way to export goods beyond the borders of the two realms. Kamorda has an incredible defensive position, but transporting goods over the Pass of Kings or down the mountain by foot and cart was no lasting option. So both realms agreed to expand their treaty and include the old town of Ulo Edhil as a harbour for Kamorda.   The town grew and grew as the trade increased. Quickly, it became by far the biggest settlement in the region, and one of the most important harbours of the continent.  
The Age of Mortals
Rebuilding from the ruins
  The War of Fate was the worst war that ever ravaged the face of Lothrea. While Kamorda survived the war, Latera was not as lucky. For the first couple of years, the city stood their ground, but it was just a matter of time. Once Latera could no longer safely farm the surrounding lands, the city was evacuated, all supplies brought to Kamorda, and then abandoned.   From this point forward, history becomes contradictory. Some sources claim it was only a couple years until the war was over, others state it was decades. In any case, Kamorda survived the war, and so did the inhabitants of Latera - or at least their descendants. After the war was over, those people resettled the old ruins and started rebuilding the city. con Because of its immense importance to Kamorda it only took a couple months until the first farms were reestablished and within the first year, the city could provide for itself. The harbour was rebuilt soon after, and slowly trade with the surviving folk restarted.   Today, while Latera lost some of its economic importance, its still the second biggest harbour in the bay, right after Oistinis, the capital of the Meisian Empire. Products from Kamorda are sold into the entire world from here.
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