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Kingdom of Abonaria

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The Kingdom of Abonaria is an independent nation in the north of Teldora, controlling the area north of the Mountains of Roxtoi, south of the Snowy Mountains and west of the Silver Lake.  


Abonaria is one of the successors to the Lekerian Empire, which ruled the entire northern part of the continent during the Age of Arcanum. To this day, the country proudly displays the Silver Heart of the Empire in their crest. The Lekerian Empire is still considered one of the biggest and most powerful countries to have ever existed.   During the War of Fate, most of the Lekerian Empire was destroyed, and nearly its entire population fled to the capital Lekeria. The capital survived attacks after attacks, but ultimately in one of the last battles of the war, the Siege of the Silver-Heart-Bastion, it fell as well. When the dust settled, the great city of Lekeria was destroyed, but the war was over.   The last remaining member of the royal family <insert name> was smuggled out of the city during the siege and fled to the small town of Asolios. In the aftermath of the war, he started to rebuild the empire, making Asolios the new capital of the new kingdom. But not everybody agreed with rebuilding this new country after the ancient empire. Especially the people west of the Silver Lake saw this as an opportunity to build a better future - a future without a king - and the Republic of Estaria was born.   In the first decade after the war, there were various attempts on both side to take control of the other, but resources and manpower were scares. Ultimately, both countries reluctantly agreed to a ceasefire. Even today, both countries consider themselves the rightful successor of the Lekerian Empire, and especially the Kingdom of Abonaria still has a rather hostile policy towards Estaria, which could develop into a war at anytime.
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