Silver Lake

When the sky is clear, and the moon reflects like liquid silver in the lake, the past will be visible to everyone. A city as ancient as it is beautiful - once the peak of civilsation, now just a shadow from the past. A memory to a time long gone and a reminder that nothing is eternal.
— A cittizen of Wesaris
  The Silver Lake is the deepest lake in the known world. Its crystal clear water allows everyone to get a glance into the darkness of its depths. On an island in its center stand the ruins of the biggest city known to mortals, the capital of the once great Lekerian Empire. During the War of Fate the city got completely destroyed and powerful magic is still lingering in the ruins. Its destruction brought the fall of the Empire, and today this ancient city is only known as the Silver-Heart-Bastion.   The Lake itself seems to contradict the understanding of nature. Three major rivers are flowing out of the lake, taking way more water out than what flows back in. Many scholars believe that there has to be a spring deep in the lake, or some ancient magic that refills it.
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