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Steppe of Murokai

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About 800 years ago, the Meisian Empire was formed. The seven kingdoms of the south, in their darkest hour, banded together. The War of Fate was raging across the world, and by themselves there was no chance for survival.
Just a few years after the Empire had been formed, one kingdom wanted to betray and rule the others. But the Empire was founded under the light of the gods, and the gods do not tolerate oath breakers. So their wrath was unleashed on this kingdom, and the kingdom vanished forever. Now the wind blows over the ruins of this once great kingdom, and the tooth of time will eventually get rid of every last trace of those traitors.


The Steppe is a very flat sea of grass, stretching all the way from the east to the west coast of the continent. It is a dry place with barely any rivers flowing through it, and the wind blows harsh over the land. It once was a fertile and hilly area, but after the Kingdom of Murokai got destroyed, the area changed forever.


This area is filled with raw, ambient magic, which twists everything within it. Combined with the harsh natural environment, not much survives here. The closer you get to the center, of the old kingdom of Murokai, the harsher and more twisted this area becomes.   There are a few creatures living within the Steppe. Most notable a few Orc tribes call this environment their home. But even those tribes usually live along the edges of the Steppe, and avoid the chaotic center. The three major cities at the edge of the Steppe Montis, Ventura and Osara often have to fight of raids and attack by those tribes.

Localized Phenomena

Whatever happened here caused unraveled and chaotic magic and the closer you get to the center, the worse those effects become. Randomly, magic within this region might stop working completly or become way stronger for a while. From time to time, random magical effects like teleportation, gravity reversal, flames, light or darkness appear within the region or affect random creatures within it.


During the Age of Arcanum, the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon controlled the whole south of the continent, and the city of Murokai in the center of the Steppe, was their biggest city on Teldora. They oppressed the native people of this areas and when the Empire suddenly vanished, a bloody rebellion quickly followed and the remaining forces soon lost hold of their conquered areas. Murokai was the last stronghold north of the Silver Range, but eventually it fell as well.   But through the amount of magical knowledge the Empire brought and stored in Murokai, the newly formed Kingdom of the oppressed people, soon became one of the most powerful kingdoms in the south. For hundreds of years, Murokai was the primary provider of magical items and knowledge in the this region.   During the War of Fate, the southern kingdoms banded together to form the Meisian Empire. After a while, Murokai tried to overthrow the Empire, to become the ruling kingdom. Before they could even properly try, fate struck and their entire kingdom got destroyed in a storm of magic. To this day, nobody knows what happened, but most people assume it was the wrath of the gods punishing the traitors.   Over time, many myths formed around the destruction of Murokai. Did the gods really destroy this kingdom, or was it just struck down during the War? Maybe with the amount of magical items and knowledge, they destroyed themselves in a desperate atempt to protect them? In the end, nobody knows, and probably nobody ever will. People have been sent into the ruins of Murokai to discover what really happened, but most of them did not return. Those who did would have been better off dead than alive and returned with broken minds and aged bodies, magical and non-magical deseases, wounds and other horrible disfigurations.
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