The Crying Lady

The Silver Lake - a lake that seems to break our understanding of the world as water always flows out of the lake, but it still never runs dry. Ever wondered where all this water is coming from? Nobody told you yet? Then it's about time! Let me tell you the story of the most beautiful woman and the curse that broke her.
— A Traveler to his companion
Way before anyone can remember, there was a beautiful young woman. She was the most beautiful woman that has ever lived and her name was Elanil. Her glowing blue eyes could melt the coldest of hearts, and her voice could calm down even nature itself. People traveled from near and far to see her and ask for her hand. Kings, Emperors, Princes, Merchants and many more, all came and showered her in gifts and promises - promises of wealth, power and so much more, but she declined every single one of them and sent them back home, as no one was good enough for her.
  One day, Ashryn, the goddess of beauty herself, heard of Elanil, and came to visit her. The moment she laid her eyes on this beautiful woman, the goddess was charmed and fell for her. For weeks, every single day, Ashryn visited Elanil and showered her with gifts and compliments. She took her to the most beautiful places all around this world and beyond. She gave Elanil everything she could have ever dreamed of and even offered her a place at her side for eternity. But eventually, like everyone before her, Elanil declined her advances.   Filled with rage, the goddess of beauty and envy, cursed Elanil: "May all beauty around you wither and wail before your eyes. May you watch everything you love age and die, while you don't change. I offered you a place for all of eternity, a place at my side! But now, may you walk this plane until the last time the sun sets. Wherever you go, beauty shall flee and crumble to dust. May your eyes only see the beauty of this world leave."
After the goddess spoke these words, all beauty around Elanil withered and died - flowers drained from all life and the grass at her feet turned gray and dry; Even the beautiful art pieces that were gifted to her crumbled to dust in her hands.   For a while, Elanil tried to live a normal life, but no matter what she did, no matter where she went, everything around her turned gray and died. The beauty of this world has been hidden from the most beautiful woman that ever lived. Heartbroken, she went far away from anything she holds dear, far away from anything beautiful and pretty. She ran and ran until she found a little lake in the middle of nowhere, and she walked in. She sat down in the middle of the lake and waited for the Lady to come and get her. But minutes, hours and eventually days passed and the end never came. Realizing that she was trapped down here forever, tears rolled down her cheeks, and she cried bitterly.
  Since then, forever doomed to see beauty leave around her, she sat at the bottom of the lake and cried. Her tears flowing like a stream, and fueling the rivers leaving the Silver Lake for all of eternity. Ages before we were even born, she cried, and ages after we are gone, she will still cry and mourn the beauty of this world. If you stand at the shore of the lake, and listen carefully, you might even hear her cries and mourns in the wind.

Historical Basis

The Silver Lake indeed seems to violate the laws of nature, and nobody knows what's really going on. Most scholars suspect that there has to be a portal to the Elemental Plane of Water fueling it, but so far nobody could verify this, because of the immense depth of the lake.
This story is most likely not true, it's just a marvellous story told to children and travelers alike to shroud this place in even more mystery. People like telling stories to each other, no matter if they are true or not. But usually every story has at least a bit of truth in it, so who knows, maybe there is a bit of truth to this one as well?
— A Scholar
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