The Lady of Crows

Goddess of Death, Fate & Destiny

The name of the goddess of death has been long lost to time. Today she is only known as the Lady of Crows, The Weaver of Fate or the Queen of Winter. Her followers are valued all over the world, guiding those who have passed into the afterlife.  
Tennents of Faith
  • Death is gentle. Don't mourn who you have lost. Be glad about the time you had with them
  • Death is inevitable. It will come for everything that's alive. Make the best out of the time you have
  • Death is final. Fate is set. There is no way back when your time has come


As much as she is the goddess of death, she is also a goddess of life. She has been known to protect life, as much as she has been known to unleash her wraith against those who try to avoid her. Death will come for you, and the Lady will make sure of that, but if your fate is not yet sealed, she will protect your life until your day has come.
— A priest of the Lady
  Birth and death are both fundamental parts of Life. There is no beginning without an end, no path without a destination. Life and death are two sides of the same coin, one can't exist without the other. Nobody has to fear the end. Once your time has come, the Lady will gently guide you to your place in the afterlife. She will be there for you in your last moments and accept you with open arms. She will provide comfort in your darkest hour and walk the final steps of your journey alongside you.  


Nobody knows where the Lady came from, but she wasn't the first goddess of death. Sometime, thousands of years ago, there was another God of Death, their name long forgotten to the minds of mortals.   Many myths exist about what happened, but in the end only the Lady knows the truth. Some talk about the Lady as the late wife of the old God, who took over when he perished. Others speculate she was one of the most powerful mages that has ever lived, and not even death could stop her. And then there are people who believe the Lady is just another form of this old God.   Most of her followers though believe that she killed the old god, to stop him from destroying the world. The old god became bloodthristy and vengeful, no longer only guiding the deseased, but actively killing people to get more souls. The Lady of Crows intervened and killed him, taking over his divine position in the progress.   Wherever she came from, for thousands of years now, she is guiding dead souls into the afterlife and she makes sure that this bridge can only be crossed once and in one direction. What's dead shall stay dead.
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Death, Fate & Destiny
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Greater Deity

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