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Culporis - Collector of Debt

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During the Age of Arcanum, the Lady of Crows first appeared to her followers and gave them new hope. She chose a champion to collect the debt of the one who evaded death for eons - the Undying King.
  Culporis is a powerful artifact created by the Lady of Crows herself. It's a short, elegant blade made of an alien metallic-black material. The handle is made of Ivory and the head of a crow adorns the pommel. Three misty black gems are set into the handle.   It first appeared at the end of the age of Arcanum, when the lady of crows chose her first champion. He went and defeated the Undying King in the east, but when he came back, only a husk of the men that had left returned, completely devoid of emotion. Even the blade itself changed, and the gems in the handle turned transparent like glass.   After this event, Culporis vanished into history and its path is impossible to track. One way or another, it appeared during the War of the Silver Heart Bastion, and was used in the last stance of the War of Fate.  
The Lady only chooses a champion in the most dire circumstances. When Culporis is given to a Mortal, great and horrible things are about to happen. When the Queen of destiny intervenes in Mortal affairs, bad things are about to happen.
  Nobody really knows the exact abilities of Culporis. It's only used m champions of the Lady of Crows, and it's hard to differentiate between the abilities of the blade and the abilities of the champion and the Lady. So far champions wielding the blade showed abilities to destroy undead, survive things no human creature should be able to, come back from the dead and even change the course of destiny.
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Item type
Weapon, Melee
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