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Samthô is a fantasy world in which the races of men, elves (Len), goblins (Joun) and subterraneans (Luak) are spead out over a planet with separate continents and island chains on the surface and among a vast system of subterranean pockets, tunnels and crevasses. Though all living beings share the same origin, their beliefs are generally akin but the worlds old age and large scale transformations over the ages led to the peoples dispersion, shifts in culture and identity have made their respective ways and civilizations quite distinct from one another. Yet what connects them all is the innate awareness that the divine is interwoven with every aspect of their existence, even if they call their gods by different names or emphasize different elements in their individual worships. The divine and numinous is omnipresent and becomes evident in the most mundane natural phenomena as well as in the most sophisticated pieces of music. It can manifest itself in numerous forms to the people's weal or woe and enable some to perform the most extraordinary of feats. Samthô is rather defined by distinctive cultural spheres than by it's different races though that differs a lot regarding where in this world you are and what kinds of lifestyle are employed there. A way of live is - mainly through divine patronage - more a choice than it is a necessity imposed on a people or an individual by their natural environment. This does by no means imply an 'everything goes' setting as even the divines can only interfere so much and bend the fabrics of Samthô ever so slightly.