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Goddess of Joy, Beauty, Passion, and Selfishness

Ashryn the daughter of Yana, is the patron of joy and beauty. She tells everyone to enjoy life and everything it has to offer. Don't look back, don't think about what you are doing, regret nothing, just move forward and enjoy every day by itself. The world is beautiful, and it's the right of every mortal creature to enjoy it. Her followers are artists, travelers, musicians and many more free thinking spirits.  
Tenets of Faith
Live Life to its fullest. Enjoy everything it has to offer.
Embrace your passions. Don't let anybody stop you.
Reject misery. Leave everything behind that doesn't bring you joy.


Ashryn is usually depicted as a young Elven or human woman. Her hair, a blend of fiery reds and warm oranges, cascades in untamed waves, flowing in the wind, while her light blue eyes are sparkling with the joy of life. Clad in light and flowing dresses, Ashryn's attire shifts from the deepest hues of indigo to the softest pastels, reflecting the ever-changing nature of her divine realm.   Intricate accessories, and the delicate patterns of her clothes, show the beauty of the world. A long necklace with a single red gem symbolises the passion held in the heart, while bracelets made of different gemstones represent the facet of mortal emotion.  

Morals and Values

Unconditional Acceptance
Ashryn preaches universal acceptance without judgement. Love knows no bounds, neither does passion. She teaches that every being, regardless of flaws or past mistakes, is deserving of joy and beauty.   She champions the pursuit of passion as a means to a fulfilling life. Her teachings reiterate the importance of discovering and nurturing one's deepest desires and passions, whether they be artistics, intellectual, or emotional. Passion is the key to unlocking the full spectrum of joy.  
The teachings of Ashryn are highly individualistic and show very little regard to the people around you, or society as a whole. She encourages her followers to leave every form of negativity behind, freeing themselves from emotional weight. If the pursuit of one's passions and joy causes harm to the people around them, it's considered a necessary evil in the grand scheme of things. You are responsible for your own well-being first and foremost. Everything else comes second to that.   This doesn't mean Ashryn is discouraging forging bonds with others and sharing your passions. Quite the contrary. An individual flourishes in the presence of other. Sharing your passion with others is one of the best ways to enjoy and expand on them. A joined passion is one of the highest accomplishments in the faith of Ashryn.
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Divine Domains
Joy, Beauty, Passion & Selfishness
Related Myths

Major Temples
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