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Today, Wesaris is the capital city of the Republic of Estaria and the seat of the senate. It's the biggest harbour within the republic, and the main trading hub for the region. But its history goes back thousands of years into the midsts of the Age of Arcanum.   Wesaris was just one of three military constructions, controlling the entrance into the Silver Lake and protecting the biggest city ever known to mortals - the Silver-Heart-Bastion. But towards the end of the War of Fate, the bastion became the scene of one of the last and biggest battles of the war - and was completely destroyed.   From the ruins of the old Empire, two young countries formed. The Republic of Estaria, founded on the ideas of progress took the western outpost of the city as their new capital, while the Kingdom of Abonaria founded on traditions took over the western outpost, which later became the city of Osiris.

Architecture & Defenses

Most of the city was destroyed during the The Siege of the Silver-Heart-Bastion, but people rebuild on top of the ruins. Wherever possible, they reused old defenses, still infused with ancient magic, but the knowledge about recreating those ancient magical wards vanished together with the ancient Empire.   Today, not much of the old ruins are still visible. Over the last century, the last traces of the old empire fell to the tooth of time. Only a couple of walls around the city center and the harbour remain, and protect the city to this day.  

Industry & Trade

Wesaris still uses their advantageous position at the mouth of the Esteri into the Silver Lake and trades a lot with the Sichel in the north, the Kingdom of Abonaria in the east, and Kendal in the south. The region around the city is known for their fertile land and agricultural produce is their main export good.
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