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Ventura is the easternmost city of the Meisian Empire and sits in the middle of a beautiful forest at the edge of the Steppe of Murokai. It's known for its beautiful blend of architecture and nature. Buildings are nestled between and around trees, and the entire city is permeated by beautiful parks. Instead of taming nature, Ventura was built in harmony with it.   During the Age of Arcanum, the Everlasting Empire of the Dragon conquered the city, and ruled with an iron fist. They brought new technology and magic to the region, but oppressed the native population of the city. They built a system of portals between Montis and Ventura, which allowed entire ships to pass through. When the Empire fell apart, a bloody rebellion followed, freeing the city and its inhabitants. With the empire gone, so was the knowledge about how to create and maintain these portals, and just a couple of decades later, they broke. Only a thousand years later, in the year 765 MOR, the people of Meisian recreated the ancient magic and reactivate the portals.
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