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Throughout my life, I have always been a dreamer, of course, I'm not sure it was just me of the ADHD doing but I did it anyway. Of course, like any kid at a young age, I loved to draw and through my drawings, I am managed to bring out my ideas to come to life before my eyes. Of course, like any kid who liked to draw, I wanted to be an artist until my dream was utterly shattered by my parent's hammer of reality and to tell you the truth I was never going to be that good anyway and ever if I was I was going I would be a starving one just trying to make a living by doing commissions for anyone like everyone else. I would probably be doing from a box near an internet cafe to consider no one ever has a lot of money, anyone, to start a life these days. So when high school ended I began my journey to become a writer and man was I lost and my writing looked like Tommy Wiseau's script for The Room. Of course, I had no idea where to start since I never read when I was a kid because when you are forced to read by your parents it doesn't make you want to do it at all. But considering I watched a lot of movies, tv and played video games I had an idea of where I was going. With time I managed to get somewhere, but it was not until I found World Anvil that the horizon seemed to hold endless possibilities for me. Then the man did I just write everything in my head to the point that I tried to post an article every week or several a week just to see my progress and man, oh man I slowly made my way into something good. I have been doing that ever since and I do not feel like stopping anytime soon. So look out world because I going to stick it to you for all the reality crap you kept telling all my life and nothing is going to stop me now.

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