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Black Guardsmen

War of Light and Dark

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Grandmaster Rynn19
Wendy Vlemings (Rynn19)
18 Jul, 2020 05:51

Thank you for following my world!

13 Jul, 2020 20:10

Thank you so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy the random crap I come up with and Happy Summer Camp!

Master Redclaw123
Elias Redclaw
16 May, 2019 17:47

Thank you so much for the follow! If you like the world, feel free to check out the discord i have for my world where i basically chat with my fans and also help them up in their writing endeavours. Again i look forward to reading your worlds! Thank you!

14 Feb, 2019 16:18

Thank you for following! I appreciate it!

12 Dec, 2018 12:10

Thank you so much for following my world :D

Sage Dylonishere123
R. Dylon Elder
12 Dec, 2018 06:00

thanks so much for the follow! I hope you enjoy my world.

Check out my work | The Web | Expedition Demeter
22 Nov, 2018 15:18

Thanks for following :)

Visit Miand'Mésvéstell Chronicles. "Look upon the stars, and you will see the light of the past."
8 Nov, 2018 20:27

Thank you for the Follow!

6 Nov, 2018 00:25

Thank you very much for following Aqualon ^-^ If you like the world, you might enjoy checking out the Discord where I try to share daily facts about the world, host writing contest and offer a platform for fellow writers to exchange ideas and offer feedback.


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