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Kwyn Marie

Kwyn Marie | Member Since 13 Feb, 2019
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The Wellspring Dragons
fantasy series
Available in ebook format

Dawn of Shiobe: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1
Shadows over Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2
The Glass Volcano: The Wellspring Dragons Book 3

WIP The Abyss of Dreams: The Wellspring Dragons Book 4

The Wellspring Dragons Site


Lapis of Nicodem
dark/science fantasy serial novels
read at World Anvil Manuscripts

Lapis of Nicodem: The Jilvayna Chronicles Book 1
Ambercaast: The Jilvayna Chronicles Book 2
Knavish Canto: The Jilvayna Chronicles Book 3
Broken Dulcet: The Jilvayna Chronicles Volume 4 ONGOING

Lapis of Nicodem Site


dark fantasy serial novel
read at World Anvil Manuscripts

Snake's Den
Evenacht Greenglimmer ONGOING

Evenacht Site

Illustrates under the name Shade Melodique. The Wellspring Dragons is her first published series. Lapis of Nicodem and Evenacht are serial novels running bi-weekly at World Anvil.

Interests & Hobbies

I play the cello, tin whistle and recorder. I am still a clubber (goth/industrial dance clubs).   Favorite songs:

  • Elder Scrolls Skyrim soundtrack by Jeremy Soule
  • 1812 Overture by Tchaikovsky
  • Noise Anthem by Soman (my happy song)
  • My World by Colony 5
  • Dark Dance by Heimataerde
  • Sleeping Sun by Nightwish (Tarja version!)
  • Run by Skald
  • guilty pleasure: visual kei

Favorite Movies

I stopped watching movies after Anakin threw his hands up and shouted "no" at the end of Episode 3.   Before that, I enjoyed fantasy and B-rate horror films (until the horror got too gory).

Favorite TV Series

Demon Slayer, at the moment.

Favorite Books

Elfquest was the original inspiration for my creativity. I owe a lot to Wendy Pini.

Favorite Writers

I still enjoy reading authors from my youth: Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce, for instance. I don't have a modern author that I would consider a true favorite, though.

Favorite Games

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Resident Evil 4. Most of my free time is now spent on Elder Scrolls Online.   (Still) Playing Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. HATED FFXVI ending, so that's that. Tried Baldur's Gate and died and died and died and sighed. Prince of Persia and Dragon's Dogma 2 have been fun.