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Kwyn Marie

Kwyn Marie | Member Since 13 Feb, 2019
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Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1 and Trouble in Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2
Available in Kindle format   Lapis of Nicodem: The Jilvayna Chronicles Volume 1 and
Ambercaast: The Jilvayna Chronicles Volume 2
This dark fantasy serial is ongoing and available to read for FREE at World Anvil

Illustrates under the name Shanda Nelson. The Wellspring Dragons is her first published series. Lapis of Nicodem is her first dark fantasy serial.

Interests & Hobbies

I play the cello, tin whistle and recorder. I also am still a clubber (goth/industrial dance clubs).

Favorite Movies

I stopped watching movies after Anakin threw his hands up and shouted "no" at the end of Episode 3.

Favorite TV Series

Fairy Tail, at the moment.

Favorite Books

Elfquest was the original inspiration for my creativity. I owe a lot to Wendy Pini.

Favorite Writers

I still enjoy reading authors from my youth: Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce, for instance. I don't have a modern author that I would consider a true favorite, though I like Anne Bishop and Laurell K Hamilton.

Favorite Games

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Resident Evil 4. Most of my free time is now spent on Elder Scrolls Online.


Latest Loved work

Step of the Ruin


Talvi Festival

The Vermillion Bird Dormitories - The Palace