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The Wellspring Dragons

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  Never trust a spy, but Sikode has given Shiobe a taste of the life legendary
swordswomen lead—a life Shiobe dreams of attaining. She leaps at the chance to follow him out of the darkness that surrounds her in the streets of Iova, and into a new dawn in a new country. She might finally realize her childhood dreams of adventure, and in the process, help Sikode realize his—finding and mastering mythical dragons.
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  This site is meant to be a companion to the books and is an ongoing project with frequent updates.
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What's New

  • 4/1/21 All Author April 2021 Cover Contest
    Shiobe Rising cover was selected for the All Author April Cover contest. Weekly voting, you can vote for multiple covers, and the top 50% move on to the next week. If you are so inclined, please vote for Shiobe Rising!   Shiobe Rising Cover
  • 3/21/21 Revamp slowly continues...
  • 2/13/2021 Added a 'Covers' section to Media
    Old covers, covers I designed before I knew what I was doing. Check them out.
  • 2/11/21 Begin revamp of world wiki!
    An ongoing process that is coinciding with the editing of The Wellspring Dragons Book 3: The Glass Volcano. New background up and running!


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