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The Butterfly Sylfaone
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Shiobe drifted, despairing that her dream of becoming a swordswoman of legend had died in the dark streets of Iova, the captial city of Soline.
"Dreams are for the indolent
but someday I will become
"I will not leave this world
an old and forgotten man of little
Illenan spy and advisor to King Shiel
Enter the spy. Sikode sees a companion in Shiobe, and with her knowledge lighting the way, they seek to achieve his lifelong dream—mastering a dragon.
Hooking up with a spy has its downsides. A silversmith's human trafficking ring targets Shiobe to get to Sikode. Conjurers and their summoned twilight creatures threaten not just her life, but any that tread on Iova's Lower City streets.   And there are hints, the bloodmages of Soline's western neighbor, Merren, have grown past her borders and foul other countries.  
Merren suffers the lingering effects of a destructive despot and the Illenan invasion that ended his rule. While King Shiel and Prince-Designate Cilar vow to return peace to Merren, the bloodmages want their political power back. Using whomever they can, from assassins to zealots, they vow to eliminate the Illenan influence and return their country to their corrupt rule.   Shiobe and Sikode stand in their way.
The bloodmages have a more personal grudge against Shiobe. She stole their sylf-blessed river rock, a sacred relic they believed caged another sylfaone. And they want it back, no matter the cost.   So, too, does the sylfaone who gave it to them.
Giants of the air and magick, dragons inhabit the myths and legends of the continent of Seari. The Five Dragons are renowned for strength in battle and purveying justice.   Shiobe thought dragons were mythical creatures, but a chance discovery proves her wrong.
Dragons exist--and she and Sikode are not the only ones interested in the legendary creatures. Her childhood friends, now rivals, hunt for the Flame Dragon's controlling artifact.


For Shiobe, storms are coming, and threaten to extinguish her bright new dawn.
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