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  • 5/20/22 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 4: Unexpected Allies is Live!
    Read here.
  • 5/13/22 Knavish Canto Chapter 1: A Typical Day is Live!
    Read Chapter 1 here.
  • 5/6/22 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 3: Escape is Live!
    Read here
  • 4/29/22 Ambercaast Ch 28 and Epilogue are Live!
    Check out Ch 28 and the Epilogue.   Series continues with Knavish Canto on Fri. May 13.
  • 4/26/22 Evenacht Theme Song now available!
    Check it out!  



from the Shadow's Edge
Kwyn's Works
The Wellspring Dragons world cover
The Wellspring Dragons
dark fantasy series

First Chapter Excerpts available
at World Anvil Manuscripts
Shiobe Rising: The Wellspring Dragons Book 1
First Chapter Excerpt
Trouble in Tindrel: The Wellspring Dragons Book 2
First Chapter Excerpt
The Glass Volcano: The Wellspring Dragons Book 3
First Chapter Excerpt


Blood's Stone: A Wellspring Dragons Story
Available at World Anvil Manuscripts
Find out more about the world of the Wellspring books  
The Wellspring Dragons World
at World Anvil
The Abyss of Dreams: The Wellspring Dragons Book 4  
Out late 2022
Lapis of Nicodem

ongoing dark fantasy/
science fantasy serial
available to read
at World Anvil Manuscripts Book 1 and Book 2   Check out World of Lapis of Nicodem
Evenacht cover

A dark fantasy serial novel at
to World Anvil Manuscripts   Check out the Evenacht world at

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