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  • 9/15/23 Knavish Canto Chapter 37: Hazy with a Touch of Ice is Live!
    Read Chapter 37 here  
  • 9/8/23 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 39: Games is Live!
    Read Chapter 39 here.
  • 9/1/23 Knavish Canto Chapter 36: Break's Over is Live!
    Read Chapter 36 here  
  • 8/26/23 Butterfly Sylfaone won a Summer Camp Award!
    Read the "a character who prefers to lurk in the shadows" prompt here.
  • 8/25/23 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 38: Passage is Live!
    Read Chapter 38 here.  
  • 8/18/23 Knavish Canto Chapter 35: Prelude is Live!
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  • 8/11/23 Evenacht Snake's Den Chapter 37: A Miracle is Live!
    Read Chapter 37 here.  


Distillations from the Shadow's Edge

  **Due to recent developments in regards to AI and the theft of art and writing: I do not give permission or consent to having my work used in AI training sets. © Kwyn Marie and Shanda Nelson. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.**   Design Tips: Font Color and Contrast   Distant Communication Prompt Judging Criteria   Summer Camp 2023 Pledge   Summer Camp 2023 Prompts  



Award-winning articles:

1st Runner Up for Settlements on the Edge Challenge   The Nectar
Rivers and Waterways   Merdia
Summer Camp 2022 winner, for prompt "a community that led the world in something", nominee for "Best Worldbuilding Article 2022"   Touch: The Magic of Ghosts
World Ember 2022 winner, for Best Spell Award   Evenacht: The Evening Lands
World Ember 2022 winner, for Best Geography Award
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