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Knavish Canto: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 3

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Lapis's return from Ambercaast is anything but normal.
  The Jiy underground is now aware of unexpected enemies wanting to resurrect defunct khentauree and use them as a dangerous fighting force--but they have no idea where on Theyndora the threats have fled to. They form an alliance to hunt down their foes, and Lapis and her partner Patch search for information in the capital to aid the venture. Many clues point to Patch's estranged family being involved, and keeping him focused on discovering information, rather than exacting revenge, sucks much of her energy.
  Lapis cannot place the rest of her life on hold, either. Rin, Lykas and Scand want chaser training, and their enthusiasm infects other rats. The broken rebellion's disaffected rebels want her to restore their previous status and income, and have no care about the danger Perben still possesses to her. New tech filters into Jiy, something not based on the quickly depleting aquatheerdaal stores, and discovering who is seeding syndicates and shanks with the dangerous weapons becomes a priority among the rebels, the Minq, and the concerned Dentherion allies who see it as a threat to their own goals.
  Her public life filled with intrigue, her private life now resplendent with the friends she made at Ambercaast and the renewed relationships from her past, Lapis feels as if she is being tugged in too many directions at once. When presented with the opportunity to infiltrate another mine ruin, she sees it as a vacation and an opportunity to prove to both Patch and her brother Faelan she has more worth than as a go-between.
  Knavish Canto is part of the Lapis of Nicodem serialized dark fantasy / science fantasy series, and will publish every other Friday by 2 PM PST. Check out Lapis of Nicodem: Book 1 and Ambercaast: Book 2.