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Fantasy dark

Of Slaans and Scales

By Keon Croucher

192 2 2 3614

[i]Humble beginnings, such are the way things begin. Who now hasn't heard of the Port Renis Renegades, the four companions of great fame all across the Scale Spire borderlands and all about the continent of Wyriel in general. Yet these four individuals have...

the Discovery of Morana Kanas

By Fallingleaf

422 0 0 5577

"Errr, mother, do you think...this individual is...I mean might of you?' "They are all dead, Vlad. Saving for the handful of us in the Sanctuary and Lord Milos." The Nightborn gave voice through coldness and darkness. "They. Are. All. Dead."

Knavish Canto: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 3

By Kwyn Marie

62800 89 5 166479

Lapis's return from Ambercaast is anything but normal. The Jiy underground is now aware of unexpected enemies wanting to resurrect defunct khentauree and use them as a dangerous fighting force--but they have no idea where on Theyndora the threats have fled...

03- L'appel de l'autre coté

By alia__

43020 0 0 28980

Le Collège missionne des agents pour enquêter sur les étranges attaques que subit l'académie.