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strong language

Crimson Spires and Golden Threads: Dean Pirate Collection

By LanceMcKenath

188 2 0 1894

This collection of tales are from the Dean Pirate's point of view surrounding Lance, his ship Rhovanielle, and his crew. Lance's Awakening is an overzealous annual celebration when he heals in The Trench and strengthens his tie with Dea. However this time,...

New Horizons Volume 1

By KasperJensen

27 0 0 6830

This first volume is decidedly more on the Action-side of things, but there will be Slice-Of-Life mixed in!

A Mercenary's Tale

By GrimIronBones

80 0 0 8262

The Northern and Southern Kingdoms have been at war for ages and stuck in a stalemate for just as long. That was until the Northern Kingdom hired a cutthroat mercenary by the name of Varen. Leading his forces south, Varen quickly gains the Southern Kingdom's...

Where Dragons Rule: Rebirth

By Mr.Drake

15 0 0 5370

Aeris escaped her master, but now she has no money, status, home, or future and her days are spent combating crippling guilt of the price she paid for her freedom. The conflict between humans and dragons threatens to take her last remaining hope; her best...