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Fantasy, Dark

The Lies They Tell

By shadowsadvancing

1643 0 0 2953

33 years ago, Queen Regina and Lord Caesar were found dead in their seaside home. 30 years ago, their four daughters divided Cardonia into four separate queendoms for each to rule. 28 years ago, war broke out between them, fighting to take back the whole country. 27...

HD Book 1 - Hidden Secrets

By amelianite

2346 0 0 0

Calsifer, or Cal Winterborne is the younger half-brother of the late Loke Dracos, the proud genius who brought hope to everyone he meets. Cal focuses mostly on his studies and ignoring his late brother’s best friend, Aiden. Aiden Shadowlock gets by on the...

Kings of The Abyss

By Hiccup Haddock the Third

742 0 0 0

His father killed his girlfriend. Now to save her soul he's reuniting with his most powerful allies and facing down his most dangerous enemies.

The Last Dragon Lord

By TheDuke_

390 0 0 7

Jorunnd Cropper has lived a quiet, simple life as the son of two humble farmers in the countryside of Tredora. The world is quiet. Noble scholars have just discovered wizardry, kingdoms are being formed and alliances built, and there are no dragons left in...

Mournful Love (WIP)

By gerkiepickles

1095 0 0 9

With the Archdemon slain next to the body of the Warden, Alistair cradles her, sobbing. Morrigan on the verge of tears and swearing under her breath, tries to leave but can't help to turn back giving Alistair the hardest decision he will ever make.

Return of the Revolutionary

By Sterrestel

23570 0 0 49355

[h1] First Draft!![/h1] [p]Nephalems; creatures that are half-angel, half-demon, and potentially the most dangerous creatures in the universe. Unfortunately for Max, she is one of them. From a past of torture and pain, she must fight for her right to live...

Seven Devils: Book One

By JBWeller

6930 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

The Tale of Enariel

By FuchsFarbe

3027 0 0 875

Enariel is is about to usher in a new Era for the Gētīg. This Fomorian farmboy lives on a lowly farm outside of the Fomorian capital of Danu-Mor. Their life quickly changed one fateful day venturing into a nearby cave. The spirits of the cave had become corrupted,...

Named For Andraste

By subtletylost

1335 0 0 15920

Most people who knew Andrea Trevelyan before the Conclave had very distinct opinions of her. She was weak. She was quiet. She was a disappointment. Most, but not all. Some thought her to be an inspiration in the way she defied the traits that had so often...

Ghenid Clans of Incaras

By Mutterwolf

3652 0 0 12492

The stories of players for and against a scheme of conquest and destruction amongst the monster race of viverid-canine like Ghenid clans and others in the City of Mercenaries, Incaras. Please "like" if you enjoy it.

Legend of the Lost Prince

By Tawariel

300 0 0 1645

Vithong dies, leaving the kingdom in the hands of his only son, Valaran. When Valaran starts to act strange, Grace thinks he's cursed. No one believes her, for all the magic was supposedly gone. Why would someone want to curse Amon its new king? Grace holds...


By Officiallytroy

114 0 0 1713

The war for Tsioa has been raging even before the Altaers were thought of. The teams of these blessed beings litter the land and confront each other using their souls as weapons. The ever looming threat of the one they call Throkk takes shape every second...

The Name of the Manuscript

By Kwyalk

67 0 0 10926

In Hedmark, there are only two truths, blood and dust. Every year for the last last fifty years, the Sundering has plagued the lives of the denizens of the Kingdom of Hedmark. Each year the threat comes, and each year it is beaten back at the cost of many...

NaNoWriMo Story

By Wandering_Raven

130 0 0 3023

My first entry for NaNoWriMo. I hope it is a good one, for this story was decided on a late-night whim!

Splitting the Stride: A Cathedris Short Story

By Serukis

1900 21 9 2606

Aren and his three friends head out to sea to sail through the legs of the hulking God-husk, Sharenskus - what is known as 'splitting the stride'. However, is it actually possible? A short story based in [url:]Stormbril[/url]'s...


By Sterrestel

4806 3 1 2315

Life can change in a matter of moments; Auris finds that out the hard way when they are swept off their feet and thrown into the unknown. [br] When Auris' life shatters, they find themself in the arms of an enemy kingdom. To their surprise, they are met with...

Fall, Sacred Apple

By TheChromaBooks

2243 6 1 3970

For the first time in twenty-four years, a child is born at the Abbey of Sacred Apples. Corbha, formerly the youngest laysister, prays her spirit-siblings will now acknowledge her adulthood. When they choose her to bring the newborn’s caul to the Abbot, Corbha...

SABER, Roots of Hope

By sprodri7

1099 0 0 6481

The last oasis of relative peace in Hune, [Tundra](article:c8fb5d79-a4e0-4c03-ae1c-a82a7c2b6902) has remained untouched by years of battle. The inhabitants face reality as hopeless soldiers return home for a last stand. Leaders have fallen and the King issues...

Short Story 1 (Tolas Ruv Aen and Jair)

By youve_reached_the_void

943 0 0 1693

Caution!! This Story Contains Spoilers relevant to the plot of The Dreamer and the Marked!! It is advised you finish the first book before reading!!

Encounters of the Primal Sort

By Sterrestel

4756 3 0 3247

[p][i]A recount of Krisdi Varalei's chilling adventures with the beings known as primordials, the volume is always growing in size. It is uncertain whether it will ever be finished. Explore different worlds and domains as Krisdi, experiencing everything along...

Short stories

By CraniumBeaver

1261 0 0 1125

A collection of short stories set in Amanor. In [b]Jar of Souls[/b], the God of Death is being pursued through the Ethereal Plane. Unable to escape his dangerous adversary, he decides to make his stand. At stake is more than his life, for what he guards must...

Tuloks Kurzgeschichten

By Drake Ragon

962 0 0 4497

Bild: (c) Max Emmert Eine Reihe an Geschichten rund um Tulok

Breaking Bread

By AuthorGoddess

178 1 0 11489

Nicola still isn't a hero. She's been through too much to be a white knight. She's even been dead before... a couple of times, but this time it's different. Now she's stuck in limbo, travelling the Nine Worlds with an angry god on her heels. She needs to...

A Way Back to Hell

By L. N. Cepeleva

6530 1 0 10856

"Fire burns; but the cold preserves." An old proverb uttered by the gods in eons past. Peadar forgot everything about the surface world since his abduction. Now an asar, he will find the magi who tore open his chest and ripped out his heart. His journey will...

Tale of a Levin Picker

By AoLi

917 0 0 1470

Story of one of the people who collect the lightning plants know as “Levin”. A day in the life sort of.

The Dream Drifter

By strangebraingames

1368 0 0 0

Sequestered in a tower rising over the destroyed surface of The Orphan World, Mneousa, handmaiden of Time whiles away her hours awaiting instructions from the higher gods. Having no understanding of what transpired to end the civilization of Lunis, or why...

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

4759 1 0 22386

When the spirit of the bear fades and the wings are struck down from the sky, the Child of Mesendra will rise. The Kingdom will fall in their wake and the sky will weep with scarlet tears. The rivers will carry the message through the land of Mesendra's child...

Ride to Ukkan Isle

By BrokenJac

6222 6 6 9661

[center][Novelette][/center] Loque Rejima stands at the edge of his own world, the tense peace falling apart as he begins to Break. Spirits dance around his head; memories of the long past haunt Loque's thoughts; and Loque races to find a way to save himself...

Yiko's Castle - The Light traped within Darness

By YikosCastle

152 0 0 17052

The begining of the story or the middle depending on whome you ask. A kingdome thrown into kayose and two siblings caught in the middle. Friends are few and enimes are unknown and unseen. The kingdome once known for it pure light srugles to hold one to what...

A Family of Knights

By TimeBender

2029 0 0 0

A family, who all happen to be knights, try to keep their clan of thirty-three knights safe as a mysterious Knight Hunter takes out knights all over the continent. When one of their knights is taken out, the clan decides it time to leave the forest they've...

Florenelle Shorts

By MrBauta

1038 0 0 1248

Short stories from the Florenelle setting.


By Kaycie Anders

1116 0 0 2454

A child from a line of ruthless kings, King Geoffrey the First was unlike any king in recent memory. King Geoffrey was considerably laid back, easily amused, and flexible despite his position, and the people of his kingdom respected him. He was a political...

Remnant: Arklight, Book 2

By ReaverArklight

80 0 0 3320

The journey is far from over. Nor is our time in Evergreen. Luna has unfinished business in the Evergreen ruins and our heroes eventually get roped into a second adventure into the city. Meeting Cherry Blossom and unravelling some mysteries the past. There...

Goretober 2020

By Arkanasis

521 1 0 2345

A collection of short stories set in Hellverse following Goretober prompts!

Geschichten eines Krieges

By Pumpgun64

1709 0 0 13020

Eine Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten, die sich um einen Krieg drehen.

Lost In Subtlety

By subtletylost

1133 0 0 12050

This is the story of the Blight. A story of love and loss, of hope and pain, of fear and understanding. It is the story of Grey-Wardens. The story of how three elves, three humans, and two dwarves decided the fate of Ferelden. They were not alone, no one is...

Ambercaast: Lapis of Nicodem Volume 2

By Kwyn Marie

9153 19 2 121644

For eight years, Lapis had sought vengeance against the rebel traitor who helped Jilvayna's palace guard invade Nicodem and slaughter her family. Perben is now exposed, but ranking rebels who see their own fates twisted into his try to downplay and ignore...

The Melding

By WeirdCorvo

400 0 0 9920

The trio, composed of a nameless masked figure, Quarion and Abbil, come upon the local micolids. Friendly as they are, they offer the group to join their Melding. They find themselves facing a greater understanding of, not the world, but each other.

BS Book 3.5: Moon Bound

By amelianite

1504 0 0 1480

**Bound Trilogy Novella -- Read After Book Two Unless You Want MASSIVE Spoilers** Austïn Lén King never thought he'd have to watch his only son grow up from afar. To keep his relationship with his mate, Lucian McClain, secret from the Wolf Council, that's...

To Be A Hero

By Damparo

1193 0 0 32571

A Shadow Court agent buys an apparently expensive amulet from a shady figure in the Dark Lands, planning of bringing it back with him in the Empire and sell it for gold. The situation escalates quickly.

BS Book 2: Blood Bound

By amelianite

1156 0 0 0

After being sent back to his pack, Alpha Heir Jack McClain has some pent up issues of his own.

A Ghost, a Quill, and a Mockingbird

By Sterrestel

10227 8 0 3217

-First Draft- Ghost has lived her entire life in an underground bunker on the planet Serus. The last of her kind after a swarm of vitians invaded her world and slaughtered her people, she spends her days in blissful spite where the vitians are unable to reach...

Short Story Collection

By Athena Rae

4621 3 0 7345

This is a collection of short stories that I have written. Some were for college courses, some were for contests, some were just out of boredom. Each chapter is a different story and is completely unrelated to the previous ones. This manuscript is occasionally...

Sarsoa's Calamity

By awsmlwsn

1466 0 0 9870

A sickness fell upon the once strong and hearty Brandt. Elizabeth, the village herbalist , gave the news to his father. The village elder has declared that his spirit must be collected by Shen: god of the afterlife through a ceremony to ensure his spirit will...

Black Dunes of Hell

By Arkanasis

1156 0 0 5494

When Lei Shen's father is killed in a tragic accident, the young human is whisked away into a world he could have never imagined. Arisys, a Lesser Demon in the ranks of the Avarian military, finds her self drawn to the young boy and soon she can't help but...

The Chronicles of Meketa

By Dahuntsman1

1175 0 0 216

A collection of stories from the world of Meketa, a world not unlike our own but filled with fantastical beasts and creatures, exploring fundamental questions of how the world would look like if Magic, Elves and Dwarves, and Dragons existed.

IR - Sand Lines

By fenixofthedark

349 0 0 13200

Game verse. In a world where pokemon are seen not as friends, but tools and weapons, a rookie Trainer starts out on a Journey, unaware of the path, or twists, destiny will take. As far as they know, they're on an adventure. They're not exactly wrong...

Lilyanas Kurzgeschichten

By Drake Ragon

1220 1 0 5092

Eine Sammlung von Kurzgeschichten, die alle aus der Sicht von Lilyana geschrieben sind. Cover Image: (c) Nikolai Ostertag

Russolia Jadeye - Short Story

By michaelthominks

1380 0 0 1655

A short telling of the events leading up to the siege of Medale and the famous survivor, Russolia Jadeye.

House of Scarlet

By ejmichaels

6066 0 0 23951

A tale in the saga of The Twenty-year Slave, House of Scarlet takes place immediately following the conclusion of "Skamsen and the Lady." HOS details the story of the lady dressed in scarlet who chooses the sea instead of a life of servitude. But the gods...

Full Moon

By Magicalwolves

530 0 0 0

One elf. A mysterious wolf. A deadly secret. When Rillis Nevaearael awakes in a strange new city, with no memory of getting there, she meets the necromancer Kortil, who identifies her as a Phantom. Although Rillis has no idea what a Phantom is, she soon begins...

Throne of Deceit

By Nick_Scryer

1397 0 0 20051

In a world reeling from a grueling one hundred year war, the short lived peace is threatened when Dark Elf invaders begin to appear in lands they should not. Using the Ten year Anniversary Celebration of the war as an opportunity, one of the Kings elite guard...

Imperial Pursuit

By Damparo

2035 1 0 646

A secret agent, @[Aleksija Lenkovič](person:7a5c2c53-1bcb-4e50-a287-9da748bf152c), chases a thief in the city streets. A very short story set in the Empire's capital city.

Ellyse of Wonderspire

By Sterrestel

3236 0 0 553

Corruption lurks in Wonderspire, and it's people are falling one by one. When Ellyse falls from a tall tree in the woods near her home, she is met with strange characters and a dangerous adventure. Will Ellyse survive long enough to get back home, or will...

The Demon's Eyes

By Sterrestel

3034 0 0 8609

- A Return of the Revolutionary AU- What would life be like if Max had never escaped from Dehios? Death, revolt, and torture have all led Max to years of immortality. However, it is not the immortality one might wish for. Puppet to the Demon King, Kearney,...

The Guardsman and The Thief

By Phantascene

260 0 0 4849

Failed demonic summoning. That was how the Justicars ruled it when Gabriel Morgan discovered the body of a murdered woman in an alleyway. Gabriel is not so sure that was what had happened to her. The Temple of Justice opposes his investigations of the murder,...


By jmgaida

900 0 0 1617

At the age of twelve Porcelana is chosen to go live at the Convento do Pano Vermelho, the Convent of the Red Cloth, despite the objections of the Abbess, who declares she has the look of a traitor because she was born albino. Porcelana is trained to be an...

Account of the Events of 4E240

By Tarn_IV

4890 0 0 6188

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 4E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

The Job


787 0 0 0

An assignment goes very well for Valentina, the personal assassin of Asmodeus.

Tales from the Roadkill Tavern: QUIETUS

By WantedHero

14420 14 4 5498

Boden Rigg is a merchant of the Black Market with a shady reputation. After a career of making fortunes from the tragedy of others, Fate comes to collect its wages.

Lapis of Nicodem

By Kwyn Marie

14667 1 1 118275

Lapis joined the rebel cause for one purpose only; to revenge the death of her family on the traitor who betrayed them. Since age twelve, she has trained to that end, hiding her past and the fact she survived in anticipation of catching the man unaware and...

BS Book 1: Wolf Bound

By amelianite

17978 1 0 54940

Book 1 of the Bound Series. Warning: If you can't handle extreme angst, this isn't the story for you. "Like Underworld meets Game of Thrones meets Vikings meets Dungeons and Dragons meets Supernatural!" On the planet of Eskǎvaëís lives Kěith Cheonsa, the...

The crime of the Ancients

By Pomdpin

365 0 0 0

Eoren is looking for something. After decades and centuries of time passing by, stolen from him, he has now set sails to take back what was taken and bring revenge to the one who did him wrong.

Giants in the Deep

By Pickleknight

2064 0 0 2315

Some search for adventure their entire lives, but never find it. Others find adventure thrust upon them with little warning. For Marek, adventure took him like a petty thief and cast him into a dark and threatening abyss with no escape in sight. Marek must...

Darkest Shadow

By Loneblackfang

625 0 0 2177

Shadow Of Night has been asked by a strange being to look into an incident but unknown to her it is more then it appears.

Primordial [Draft 01)

By Geigas

1201 0 0 15

Born from the flesh of Ulla, the soul of Illis, and the bone of Yenir, Friga was born, the first of her kind; the Primordials. Creatures of unimaginable strength and skill, they were set on the path of growth, given by the divines a single task; to become...