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Athena Rae

Athena Rae Thompson | Member Since 26 Nov, 2020
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I'm complicated, but a honest open book. Have a question about me, ask me. I don't have favorites - I have preferences since I don't judge a book by it's cover (or an artist or actor by their work). To simplify what I mean - I don't like Elvis' music, but I have no opinion on Elvis as a person because I don't know him; I like Johnny Depp's movies, but I have no opinion on him as a person because I don't know him.

Interests & Hobbies

Paddle boarding, snorkling (maybe diving or freediving in the future), reading and writing, and my education.

Favorite Movies

Jaws, The Meg, Star Wars (only the original 6), Lord of the Rings, anything comedy or animated, World War Z, Warm Bodies, and so many others I can't name them all.

Favorite TV Series

Forged in Fire, Ancient Aliens, and Game of Thrones (even the series ending)

Favorite Books

Eragon series, Splintered series, The Cell, Harry Potter series, Slayers series, and too many others that are in my house on the bookshelf. In short, if it's between a book and a movie, I find the book version is almost always better than the movie.

Favorite Writers

Stephen King, Christopher Paolini, A.G. Howard, C.J. Hill, Edgar Allen Poe, C.S. Lewis, Jules Verne, and William Shakespeare are my top preferences.

Favorite Games

God of War (PSP, PS2, PS3, and PS4 editions), Baulder's Gate (PS2 version only), Outer Limits, and Skyrim.