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Eldritch Horror

Uncanny Hunters

By eldknighterrant

770 0 0 2473

Late in the winter in a remote alpine wilderness, Aulfvad lives the life of a fugitive, hoping to evade the alien, unnatural beings that pursue him. He knows little of his hunters' motives, his only clues coming from a few fragmented, traumatic memories from...

Fallout 5: Wasteland Hunter's, A War Anthology

By HellsPurestDevil

17890 0 0 0

[i]It’s always been kind of a joke; The wealth of the nation being nothing more then radiation and a million squabbling factions trying to seize power and resources by any means necessary. And while that may have been true for many places still in the grips...

Account of the Events of 4E240

By Tarn_IV

24763 0 0 6188

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 4E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

The Dark Book

By Robin Versloot

10918 0 0 6304

A journal from Jan Cornelis. He's a family man and down on his luck. To support his family he takes a job at the Zoological Society Magistra Artis Natura. Little does he know that there is more to the zoo than just the animals in cages.