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Fantasy, High

War Till Ragnarok

By Erinys H

1578 0 0 15775

Lagetha Javya is a mercenary, wandering the war zone between the countries of Khuvell and Vredrana, and she prefers to work alone. That is until the charismatic Ragnar Morgenstern bests her in a duel and forces her to join his mercenary troupe, the Ebony Riders....

The Tale of Enariel

By FuchsFarbe

123 0 0 875

Enariel is is about to usher in a new Era for the Gētīg. This Fomorian farmboy lives on a lowly farm outside of the Fomorian capital of Danu-Mor. Their life quickly changed one fateful day venturing into a nearby cave. The spirits of the cave had become corrupted,...

What If (2nd Revision)

By ForsakenCustodian

206 0 0 8749

Håkon is an average bloke living the same boring routine day in and day out. Curiosity gets the better of him one day, as a shining 'Galaxy Crystal' catches his eye and empties his wallet. That's unlike him at all - he only ever waste money on food, coffee...


By KajetanWrites

52 0 0 2093

"Emma" starts as a story of a young woman from a Lugian village at the feet of the Great Mountains who isn't satisfied with the simple life. She wants to travel the world, learn new things and have adventures. She gets an opportunity that when she meets a...

The Journals of Althaea


96 0 0 7386

[quote]The elven woman, illustrious despite her age, removes a book from the crooked wooden shelf. With a quick blow, the dust coating the book disperses into the air. She softly runs her slender fingers over the cover, reminiscing over the memories hidden...

Life of a Rose

By RiverFang

125 1 0 5240

In an age of peace, serving as a knight under the king of Cré should not be so difficult for Lady Primrose Greenleaf. Her greatest worry should be hiding the fact that she is a woman from those that she leads, not dealing with secrets plots to kidnap Princess...

A Knight's Legacy

By moonflower-writing

9 0 0 239

Calanthe "Cala" Megalos is the captain of the Royal Guard in the Skayton Empire. She's the first commoner to take that rank, and all judgemental eyes are on her, waiting for her to mess up in some way. Their chance to prove her unfit for the job comes when...

Just a Player?

By KajetanWrites

72 0 0 0

A group of friends decides to try out a new roleplaying game. After arriving at the place chosen by the Game Master they find out that it isn't a normal the game. The Game Master calls it, True Roleplaying. That strange game moves them to the world of Atamor.