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Cosmic Horror

Sunrises [Black Sun Series] - Book 0.5

By Geigas

47 0 0 0

There are beasts in the woods, intangible beings would black skin like shadows that live between the trees. Three children, a human and one of these creatures, cross the delicate barrier that challenges the very fabric of the peace that the group had come...

Moonsides [Black Sun Series] - Book 0

By Geigas

38 0 0 0

Seas of dark and cold brought forth light and sound that they couldn't perceive, or wouldn't, resting beyond the grain of time and space within the confines of a gilded cage of their own creation. It, them, him, her; holding no meaning as they brought forth...

Call of the Void

By AgentCheshire

639 0 0 1626

A military crew is sent on a rescue/salvage mission to recover a vessel that never made it to it's scheduled port. When they discover the stranded ship they find it completely empty. Not long after arriving, members of the crew start hearing noises that causes...

The Dark Book

By Robin Versloot

2383 0 0 6304

A journal from Jan Cornelis. He's a family man and down on his luck. To support his family he takes a job at the Zoological Society Magistra Artis Natura. Little does he know that there is more to the zoo than just the animals in cages.

Account of the Events of 4E240

By Tarn_IV

5580 0 0 6188

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 4E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Miscellaneous Short Stories, and Other Stories

By Timepool

7053 30 9 6524

A collection of miscellaneous short stories, some new, some old, some previously published, some kept in the bowels of my hard drive— none attached to my current world anvil worlds. None with a home, until now. I plan to not only write whatever suits my fancy...