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Dystopian Fiction


By darknano

809 0 0 1977

Ciphrus, 12707 Ciphrus has become a bustling industrial ground among much of its surface. Taking place 151 years after the Zero Day event, Ciphrus has been technologically uplifted by the mysterious Third Humanity species. A few decades later, the Third Humanity...



654 0 0 1191

In the dark tunnels of Densha, where the remnants of humanity strive for survival after the cataclysmic nuclear war of 1983, our narrative unfolds through the entangled destinies of Onai, Sar, and Denton. Onai, a human born underground, becomes entwined in...

Beneath the Diesel Sky

By Nicholasong

1101 1 0 3507

A global crisis has led to a dramatic population decline, and new species of flora and fauna have emerged to reclaim the world. While technology has declined by only a little in the richer areas, the majority of society has reverted to a more primitive existence....


By J. I. Rogers

5190 2 0 5468

Vorta Botanical, a research site deep inside the toxic jungle known as 'The Seep' goes silent. Colonel Kael Sunde and his crew are ill-equipped to survive the hostile environment and insurgents facing their search and rescue mission.

Forget Me Not

By J. I. Rogers

5777 1 0 3436

Thallen Cluster is hosting the annual Science Symposium, and the Par Society has planned a peace rally to coincide with the event. With Korlune and Ankoresh eyeing the proceedings primed for trouble, will the actions of a solitary individual become the catalyst...

Bride Price

By J. I. Rogers

5317 2 0 9885

Siblings Regina and Edric Makon conspire to restore their family fortune after the death of their father, but neither realize what will it ultimately cost them.

Blue Moon

By J. I. Rogers

4083 1 0 8722

An extreme solar event wreaks havoc across Tamyrh, but when astronomer Dr. Amsel Runic questions the evidence it triggers something far more deadly.

Elsewhere Unknown

By LNRDink

11391 0 0 1514

The first full-length novel by Michael Leonard, Elsewhere Unknown is a slow-burning, high fantasy mystery masquerading as a dystopian urban fantasy. Progressive characters face off against a regressive system built to destroy those who oppose it. This book...

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

38524 0 0 9985

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a biography detailing the life of Doctor Madison as they navigate through a post-pandemic landscape researching strange anomalies and internalizing the nature of what the world used to be, and how it got to now. Doctor Madison,...

Book 1 of The Korpes File Series -Teaser

By J. I. Rogers

22180 6 0 60791

"As if being born Diasporan wasn’t enough, Technician Nash Korpes had the bad luck to resemble his Tyran ancestors almost identically in both form, and manner. These traits, though highly prized by the special projects division at the shadowy Korlune Military...