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Fantasy, Urban

Seven Devils: Book One

By JBWeller

1095 2 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

Seek and ye shall find

By KajetanWrites

747 0 0 3379

This is a story of Seekers of the Congregation for Seeking Divine Artefacts throughout the 20th century as they race with their enemies in a hunt for the Genitals of Uranus, the original source of magic.

3. As You Were

By Lovepeas

81 0 0 0

As You Were Rue deals with the after affects of fulfilling the prophesy and faces the consequences.

The Scarlet Ashes

By Dylonishere123

4246 55 51 74309

[center]Love is madness....[/center] [row][col][aloud][center] Morrigan bears a power, but also a passion, an addiction that endangers everyone she cares for.[br] She has a lover, but he can’t seem to remember she exists[br]She has an enemy, a rivalry that’s...


By KajetanWrites

155 0 0 5833

Simon Black is a young student at the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts. Whole his life he didn't agree with the blood magic ban and dreamt of studying the forbidden school of magic. At the university, he met a fellow student, Ania, who feels the same and they...

2. As You Will

By Lovepeas

79 0 0 0

Rue fulfills the prophesy of breaking the world by opening a rift between our world and the dimension of the Djinn, allowing magic to flow in.

Witching Hour

By JulGioxia

47 0 0 0

Witching Hour is one of the Ayri Sturmgeist Adventures, an urban fantasy series about a part-elemental private investigator on her many dramatic and life-changing adventures. Witching Hour follows what starts as an arson investigation through its transformation...

Human Shed Skin: Inhuman

By Mar Qaroll

798 2 2 7470

[h2]Synopsis[/h2] [1 of 3] Expert hunter of the denizens of Hell and anything inhuman, Jean-Luc Lowell, believed in his family’s credence that inhumans are the lowest kind of creatures, scourges of the planet and deserve to be eliminated. But after a bold...