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Seven Devils: Book One

By JBWeller

8109 3 1 15753

Edie had little going for her. Living life from fix to fix wasn't exactly satisfying, but it was life. Dying, however, brought a second chance, as well as a whole new set of challenges in the supernatural underworld she hadn't known existed. She quickly gets...

The Secret Story

By A.J.Ponder

1099 0 0 31164

A horde of rats A coven of witches desperate to stay hidden A ball to die for, and a ball that must remain secret at any cost As a smithy’s daughter, Amarinda can only dream of going to the ball. She loves the fine gowns and imagines the feisty Princess Sylvalla...

Maiden of Solidite

By NathaliaBooks1993

708 0 0 9880

Follows a girl named Karianne Azurblå, she is an orphan who was placed in an Orphanic. But in her teens they found out that she has the natrule talent to use magic from the Sodilite. She begins on her journey in to the Sodilite clan. Will she be excepted?