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sword and sorcery

Of Princes and Exiles - Sample

By lyneaky2

42 0 0 9430

Sample chapters of a high fantasy novel for adults. *** Sometimes, the heart does not choose until it's too late. This has never been more true for Amilié, a skilled Blade of the Triple Eye. She's always strived to protect her loved ones, even if it meant...

In Their Shadows

By LeeStepp

751 0 0 89521

This world was once our own, Earth, but it became a playground for the forces of nature given body and mind: the Erlithmanil. These ten entities reshaped and laced the land with magic, gifting all life pieces of their power. Every lifeform possesses two such...

A Family of Knights

By TimeBender

4956 0 0 0

A family, who all happen to be knights, try to keep their clan of thirty-three knights safe as a mysterious Knight Hunter takes out knights all over the continent. When one of their knights is taken out, the clan decides it time to leave the forest they've...

A Way Back to Hell

By L. N. Cepeleva

27487 1 0 10856

"Fire burns; but the cold preserves." An old proverb uttered by the gods in eons past. Peadar forgot everything about the surface world since his abduction. Now an asar, he will find the magi who tore open his chest and ripped out his heart. His journey will...