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Post Apocalyptic

The Re-Writen Dream

By Maelemonium

246 0 0 2418

The beginning of the story of Post Earth, where it originated, a dream. This is my dream journal entry rewritten into more cohesive form.

The Age Of Embers

By Toncoroc

419 0 0 3436

A collection of tales taking place in this wretched era, too small for their own manuscript.

End of Days Session Reports

By sherrybee

1330 0 0 24712

17 years after the Illithid invaded, life keeps going-- despite the apocalyptic nature of the Illithid's invasion. A group of strangers finds themselves wandering through City 20's mysterious cults and criminal organizations, all while trying to avoid the...

The Time Machine

By Dimitris

8924 21 0 32280

This classic novella, written by H. G. (Herbert George) Wells, (1866-1946), is a work of post-apocalyptic science fiction far before its time. Although a commentary on issues of the era, the work still holds as a remarkably fresh and pertinent narrative about...

Blighted Tales of Horror and Wonder

By Churchwarden

2131 2 2 21460

A collection of individual stories from characters throughout the history of Cairne that have played both large and small roles in it's story, each one expanding on events and times within the world and offering some insight as to the harsh and often bitter...

Book 1: Monsters & Angels

By Khetienn

6282 1 0 37448

A disillusioned mercenary, talented in both combat and magic, thinks he knows his place in the world. He's wrong. There's more to this world than he ever dreamed, and he's about to find out.

The Ciphrus Compendium

By darknano

30482 0 0 9425

The Ciphrus Compendium is a series undergoing the transformation and experience of three individuals who live distinctly separate lives on a planet called Ciphrus. Ciphrus, having lost 60% of its population to a global pandemic, has now been thrown into a...

Miracles of Arx Nubibus

By mimikilstories

287868 10 0 193832

After the old world was wiped away, humanity took to the sky. They've lived in the city of Arx Nubibus for over 200 years now, and few think about the broken world outside Arx's pressurized environment. Joey Queen is a normal college student living in Arx...

Sermon of the Dykairos

By TheTrashman_20

18026 1 0 3337

Detailing of the centuries of the Rasenna and the preceding Dykairos or "Hard Times" the world has endured, a work by Master Jorunon of the School of the Arnzium Clerics.

На Милость Неизбежному

By Liar Moraine

19715 4 0 4038

☠︎ Дэвилион находился на грани гибели ни один раз: он пережил падение кометы, исчезновение Создателей, разрушение города-ковчега, чуму и многое другое. До сих пор Высшие и их Создатели - Архитекторы, отчаянно сражались за существование, из раза в раз бросаясь...


By Coral Sands

49160 10 0 22490

Lana is alone in downtown Chicago in a skyscraper. She tries to stay out of sight, but food is running out and the monsters love it when they run.


By arty

32957 25 1 35972

The sun is setting in the West, as the fledling is no longer afraid of the scarecrow. The leveret colludes with the snare in the dead of night. Before the dawn, the revenant sets out to kill the immortal. RENEGADE is a novella set in the post-apocalyptic...

Fallout 5: Wasteland Hunter's, A War Anthology

By HellsPurestDevil

19034 0 0 0

[i]It’s always been kind of a joke; The wealth of the nation being nothing more then radiation and a million squabbling factions trying to seize power and resources by any means necessary. And while that may have been true for many places still in the grips...

Fallout LA

By Innokha

23377 1 0 14800

Fallout LA (or FOLA) is text-based roleplay in an original section of the Fallout Universe. This is the archive log of this active and ongoing RP. Innokha is the author of Cricket; a spitfire wasteland raider chick with little to live for. While Rust, a mysteriously...

The Surrealist's Manuscript

By darknano

40362 0 0 9985

The Surrealist's Manuscript is a biography detailing the life of Doctor Madison as they navigate through a post-pandemic landscape researching strange anomalies and internalizing the nature of what the world used to be, and how it got to now. Doctor Madison,...

Atomic Dust: Journeys

By Rei_Fragments

11594 0 1 4466

The Musher, The Pilgrim, The Orphan, The Wanderer, The Druid. Five figures, each on their journey, the new world threatens to stamp out the old inhabitants. Their journies are connected, their strands of fate bound. For what purpose, yet remains unknown.

Waiting at World's End

By WaywardDreaming

8286 1 0 3903

Waiting at World's End is a short story / novella set during the apocalypse that proceeds the first book of Wayfaring Strangers. It takes place in an undetermined airport somewhere between Las Vegas and Houston as a pair of survivors come to terms with their...

Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West

By SableAradia

318318 62 0 84043

In a post-apocalyptic Saskatchewan, the Gunslingers are a holy order of Law empowered to keep the peace and protect the common people. They have supernatural powers to back it up. The Walsh siblings are about to find themselves entangled in the nefarious...

YY It Spreads: Infection

By amelianite

7044 0 0 2819

**A Novella set AFTER the Alpha Saga** What if your entire life went up in smoke in less than twenty-four hours? Jobs, homes, technology, family? All of that disappeared in the blink of an eye. Well, that's what Kěith, Jack, and their company have come to...