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short story


By AStormsong

465 0 0 4128

A collective of short one-off stories from the Ravenlight series. You may call it filler; but in truth it is simply world expansion. From the growth of Elise to the clash of antagonists who have their own goals. Welcome to Ravenbytez!!

Untold Sagas: Serena Nyland

By Solaire503

421 0 0 1163

In the deteriorating realm of Kasimir, where the once grand Kingdom of Knights teeters on the edge of ruin, Duchess Serena Nyland emerges as the solitary stronghold of her esteemed lineage. Unmatched in her strategic brilliance and martial prowess, she steers...


By pinkchaosstories

356 0 0 1012

A witch and her attendant explore a pond on the property, and Razi takes note of the danger posed to her boss's niece's fine attire. What was Doris thinking, putting the girl in white? (A short story that happens mid-chapter two of Blood and Thorns)

Glintsprock's Quest: A Winternight Reunion (Sidequest) (Glintsprock's Quest #0.3)

By goblinsstolemybrain

919 0 0 3717

Thank you for checking out this little story. So far, the “Glintsprock’s Quest” stories can be read in any order as I have done my best to avoid spoilers. If you’re interested in checking out more Glintsprock tales, please visit this link: This...

When this Rule Ends

By IoTheSC

3943 0 0 1230

The assassination of the Heart is no secret to the isles of Ten'no, but few know how, or why, it was done.

The Smell of Decay

By StyxStream1000

9205 0 0 3557

After a visit from a strange traveler, inn keep Levy Lutestrum begins to have strange dreams of the nearby forest filling with mushrooms and fungi of demonic origin, a forest that sits upstream from her village.

Shandor Manor

By StyxStream1000

13346 1 0 6218

After some strange paranormal activity occurring throughout Shandor Manor, owner Daniel B. Ferret hires the assistance of a pair of twin exorcists to rid the house of its spirits. Daniel comes quickly to regret his decision, suspecting the twins of nefarious...

Precious and Deadly Cargo

By Esspii

10244 0 0 1818

Helvia Terrasidia Aquitania is a loyal legionnaire striving to be accepted as a beneficarius, a Legion police officer, so she can protect and serve. She constantly finds herself entangled with Anaïs Lavreplesthar, a clever Aquitani pirate who expertly walks...

Saint Maiden's Day on Aprica Nova

By Esspii

11613 1 0 1858

The venatores gemini are a unique class of legionnaire. Linked from birth with a spiritual twin, these warriors are the Imperia's best weapon against the deadly sirens. Gemini pair Titus and Gnaeus are exceptional venatores. Even so, every hunt is life-threatening....

Neverwinter Short Stories

By FearBot

15144 1 0 4330

This is a collection of events, histories, and stories that expand the fiction of Neverwinter Stories.

Short Story Collection

By Athena Rae

40285 4 1 7345

This is a collection of short stories that I have written. Some were for college courses, some were for contests, some were just out of boredom. Each chapter is a different story and is completely unrelated to the previous ones. This manuscript is occasionally...

Sredni's Blessing

By AlabasterWrites

11453 0 0 1625

Written in year 2 (early 2020) of university for my creative writing class. The prompt for this short was "write a story about love and memory." This is not strictly part of the Theas universe, but rather a story about my D&D character from a friend's campaign...


By ynix

12540 2 0 1341

After pollution has reached toxic levels and the world's only nuclear reactor left melted down, society is on the brink. Governments try to provide survivors with supplies, but often cannot - people are dying too quickly. Then the new technology arrives....

What Goes Around

By Vazdimet

21529 1 0 1483

What happens when limitless magic meets dysfunctional families? What Goes Around recounts various family events and interactions as a collection of short stories set within the world of Fillimet.

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 2: Vazdimet

By Vazdimet

43993 12 0 4108

A collection of facets of ordinary life and extraordinary events across Vazdimet. This manuscript is a compilation of many of the stories that can be found scattered throughout articles in the world of Vazdimet, combined in this volume for your reading convenience.

Stories from the WAMA

By KajetanWrites

18732 4 0 2258

A collection of short stories about students and lecturers from the Warsaw Academy for Magical Arts. Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real-life people, organizations or events are unintentional. Cover image by Almos Behtold from Unsplash

Facets of Fillimet, Vol 1

By Vazdimet

56775 10 1 7063

A collection of facets of ordinary life and extraordinary events across Fillimet. This manuscript is a compilation of many of the stories that can be found scattered throughout articles in the world of Fillimet, combined in this volume for your reading convenience.

Account of the Events of 4E240

By Tarn_IV

28627 0 0 6188

The accounts of Elisio Ribeiro, count of Ameança concerning the events of 4E240 often referred to as the Black Dawn Crisis. A short story based on the events of a tabletop game and inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft.

Tank Shenanigans

By arty

60530 42 2 19052

A variety of silly and fun Hummelverse comics and ficlets. Some old, some new. Updated whenever I come up with something.

Encounters of the Archaic Sort

By Sterrestel

23991 3 0 3247

[p][i]A recount of Krisdi Varalei's chilling adventures with the beings known as archaics, the volume is always growing in size. It is uncertain whether it will ever be finished. Explore different worlds and domains as Krisdi, experiencing everything along...

The Maiden's Request

By WriterGreg

18799 1 0 4372

Master horseman, Henrik of Rickenvatten, finds himself in the foreign imperial palace of Chienhu. A stranger in a strange land. His skills brought him under the scrutiny of the Grand Secretary and the admiration of Princess Jing. His only hope is to keep his...

Into the Woods

By therambogeeks

10500 3 1 999

When the timbermen come, what lengths will the guardian go to? Who can protect the Brightcastle Woods?

Tales from the Roadkill Tavern: QUIETUS

By WantedHero

62504 14 4 5498

Boden Rigg is a merchant of the Black Market with a shady reputation. After a career of making fortunes from the tragedy of others, Fate comes to collect its wages.