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Standing on My Own

By shyredfox

634 0 0 1618

A young mage is recruited for a pilot program at Kyoto Jidai Arcane University. Will he be able to face the bullying ghosts of his past to thrive in the new environment? SPOILER ALERT: This little tale contains spoilers for Rise and Guardian (books 1 and...

Book 1: Enter the Witch

By jaztice

13996 2 0 5603

On the outside, Horner Paranormal is a paranormal private investigation group that takes cases involving the supernatural. On the inside, it's a group of friends in their early twenties, all of whom are paranormal themselves in some way, looking for answers...

Short Story Collection

By Athena Rae

39366 4 1 7345

This is a collection of short stories that I have written. Some were for college courses, some were for contests, some were just out of boredom. Each chapter is a different story and is completely unrelated to the previous ones. This manuscript is occasionally...

Invitation to The Wild | book 01

By TryingNormal

23435 0 0 8915

14-year-old Nea Mallach discovers that the supernatural world she was born into has greater (and darker) plans for her than anyone thought.