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(Improved and Direct Sequel To Losing of Darkness while recommended but not requirement to keep up with the story)
  ( In regards to those who have completed the previous novel, the chapters of 88, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 19 has been unprivated and published in July 25! I have forgotten to do that, sorry for the confusion folks )
  In the midst of a grim world plagued by horrors and humanity's cruelty, a broken man grapples with the concepts of right and wrong. Above all, he yearns to discover where meaning can be found amidst what life has to throw against him. Reborn into this desolate existence, he finds solace in his only daughter, serving as his connection to the remaining sanity and ego he has left, driving force to continue forward.
  The burning question weighs heavily upon him: can he ever find happiness again, even after their lives have been shattered, or is happiness merely an elusive illusion that may forever be away from their grasp?