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"Humanity exists at the intersection of causality and free will, caught between the forces of determinism and the desire for self-determination. We are both the products of our environment and the architects of our own destiny, shaped by circumstance yet empowered by choice.   The question of whether we are truly free or merely deluded in our sense of control may never be fully answered, but it is in our struggle to reconcile these opposing forces that we find meaning and purpose in our brief time on this mortal coil.”

  FrostWorld is a story consisting of different novels or novelettes that takes place in various protagonists’ time and place, while still remaining in the same setting and world. The characters are from all parts of the world, in their own unique presence, and yet they have all come to this strange and horrible land at some point in history, or maybe even in their own lifetimes.   The world they inhabit is a frozen wasteland, where survival is a daily struggle. The story follows their journeys as they navigate through the harsh environment, encountering fantastical creatures and overcoming incredible obstacles. Overarching plots slowly unfolds as each new protagonist discover the secrets of their lives   As each story unfolds, readers will be spellbound by the intricate interweaving of connections between the protagonists and the enigmatic world they inhabit. Every revelation peels back yet another layer of the frozen wasteland's history, leading inexorably towards a thrilling finale where the characters' stories coalesce in a breathtaking crescendo.   This worldbuilding/novel project is a truly captivating and unique tale that masterfully melds together elements of horror, morals, ethics, philosphy, mythology and folklore from diverse cultures, resulting in a lush and immersive world with a singularly original concept.