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Fantasy, Romance

Hella and the Widow


2425 1 0 16603

A story from the age of the Long Famine in the realm of Magicians' End in the Discontinuum.

Raven Warrior

By BornlessRaven

4571 15 0 42511

An enchanted , illustrated tale of magic, love, war, treachery, Kingdoms, allegiances and unexpected twists and turns. Raven Warrior reveals herself for the powerful sorceress that she is and that no Universe is too terrifying or perplexing for her.

Fire and Ice

By Fizzybrat

5254 1 0 12207

In a realm where fire and ice collide, Cirrus, a passionate Obrimos mage, and Frost, an enigmatic Frost Elemental, find themselves united by destiny in a battle that threatens their world's very existence. As their sizzling chemistry heats up the coldest of...

Haunted Hearts

By Fizzybrat

5436 0 0 11039

In a riverside town haunted by its own history, two souls find redemption, healing, and a love that defies the shadows of their pasts. Adonis, haunted by tragedy, seeks solace in the town's embrace, only to meet Isabella—a mysterious woman with her own secrets....

Stolen Glances

By Fizzybrat

3238 0 0 6462

In the opulent world of intrigue and hidden desires, Adonis stands as a figure of mystery and charm, a man with a reputation that precedes him. Isabella, on the other hand, is a brilliant artist known for her elusive nature and captivating creations. Their...

The Magnificent Love That Never Was

By Rcosby1017

4079 0 0 6977

When two young Elves grow up with an unspoken affection for each other, they quickly wish they would have spoken those words sooner.

The Princess's Man

By Akmedrah

9449 18 0 47945

Will Garrow was intent on killing the royal family, that was until he learned the details of his fathers relationship with the king. Now he acts as a bodyguard and constant companion for First Princess Ilicia Ter Koltshelg.

Legacy: The Ministry of Fire , Part 1

By Uruks

16202 0 0 174592

What if Fairies and Dragons weren't legends, but aliens visiting our planet and inspiring our myths of old? After discovering intergalactic travel, humanity now lives alongside these fairytales and accepts them as a part of everyday life. Legacy is the perfect...

Intrepid Adventures Anthology: Vair

By napdog

2658 0 0 15521

Vair is my latest work, set in the early bronze age with a dash of classic fantasy. The world is divided into warring city-states each ruled by a powerful deity. Vair, the main character of our story, hails from the White-Wolf clan of the Azil Mountain Range. He...

The Round Table Chronicles, Book 1: Summer of the Lost Wizard

By TJReid

7340 4 1 3932

Thade Sloan is a Sheltered college student looking for adventure. What he finds is Cassian White, a handsome drunkard with more charisma than he knows what to do with. Cassian also has magic he cannot explain, including the ability to make anyone forget he...


By NathaliaBooks1993

29442 0 0 36153

Marella went with her friend out on sea. She is the only one who survived. Who were those men who attacked them, and who was the purple one? The one who still hunts her dreams.

Magician's Touch

By Soulhaven

10565 0 0 2193

No official blurb, yet. Still working on it. Third, and final, book in the Deadly Touch series.

The Wolf and the Source

By Soulhaven

6237 0 0 0

The world needs her. She needs him. He... just wants to have a good time. Through no fault of his own, simply a matter of timing, Ekon has found himself in the possession of the mantle of his wolf pack's Alpha. It's a privileged role that comes with far too...

Warrior's Touch

By Soulhaven

87825 0 0 0

NOTE: This is the sequel to Healer's Touch, and there are very much spoilers ahead. If it interests you, you *may* wish to read Healer's Touch first. However, I believe this one can be read without reading HT first, and it's a better book... (I learned) Once...

Tears of Glass

By VeyTakon

16060 0 0 2198

An isolated warehouse filled with lethal artifacts and cantankerous caretakers is no place to grow up. Unless it is the only place on earth where you are safe. Cali tells a brief story of lost and found companionship in the small world she calls home: the...

Buch 4 - Lorelias Bestimmung

By LindeWeber

51122 0 1 44276

- Dieses Buch spielt 50 Jahre nach Buch 1. Um das Magiesystem zu verstehen, wird empfohlen, erst "Die Quarzsucherin" zu lesen. Es ist eine in sich abgeschlossene Geschichte. Obwohl der Feuermagier Arminio über weite Entfernungen Personen wahrnehmen kann,...

Gorveron, la banshee destructrice

By Landry Blodwyn

5595 1 0 2234

Gorveron est une banshee chaotique, destructrice, meurtrière, qui dérobe les âmes de ses victimes et les enferme dans son cristal bleu pâle, un Enfer palpable où ces essences hurlent à l'agonie. Suivez les aventures de cet antagoniste maléfique, Roi du Détroit...

The Necromancer

By NathaliaBooks1993

54894 2 0 31112

Nora comes from a long line of Necromancer and today is the day that she complete her training. But everything goes wrong, she is captured by a Coven that believes her magic is unnatural. How is she going to survive this? And why those it feels that the man...

Band 1 - Die Quarzsucherin

By LindeWeber

41508 1 74 103841

Die 19-jährige Glandera ist sich nicht bewusst, dass ihr Talent, Quarze zu erspüren, etwas Besonderes ist. Für sie sichert die harte Arbeit in der Goldmine die Existenz ihrer Familie. Dort stößt sie versehentlich mit Erzmagus Ferron zusammen. Sie fürchtet,...

Dominion of Darkness

By deleyna

65562 2 0 88502

In a land where Light and Shadow are bastions of power, the Draska are healers and magicians of the Light. Elainya and her beloved Drenil serve in the court of King Cydril. But Cydril covets Elainya for his own. When the king threatens Drenil’s life, a mysterious...

The Fairy and the Assassin

By WolfofWinter

8332 0 0 2860

Ashly is a young fairy who has a Goddess on her side. Faris is a human assassin with a target on his back. This is a story about how they met and fell for one another, even though they are from different worlds. There will be ups and downs but will love...

Touch of Destiny

By lyneaky2

116576 36 0 70137

A bond sparked by chance, nurtured by patience, and threatened by Fate. Friends become lovers in this YA fantasy tale. Ashlyn, a young Sorceress, is destined to become a monarch. Damien, a former prisoner, is much more of a mystery than anyone would like....

01-L'éveil du sang

By alia__

16616 0 0 15175

Anasteria est une jeune mage qui commence ses études dans la prestigieuse académie d'Ignis. Mais alors qu'elle pense pouvoir étudier tranquillement comme tous les autres étudiants, elle se rend compte que quelque chose d'étrange se trame dans l'académie.


By Escritora Novata

9525 2 0 473

Two siblings in their late teens lost their way and end in a cave they didn't know existed. The apprentice of the @[Ogha's Law Enforcers](profession:dc5d2be5-edbb-4dcd-9687-476755e15c16)‌ ' leader gets out of his way to ask for advice. Those small changes...


By jmgaida

14219 0 0 1617

At the age of twelve Porcelana is chosen to go live at the Convento do Pano Vermelho, the Convent of the Red Cloth, despite the objections of the Abbess, who declares she has the look of a traitor because she was born albino. Porcelana is trained to be an...


By NathaliaBooks1993

44988 6 0 23870

Aria Baxter fell through a portal when she was ten years old. Seven years later, she discovers that she as also the gift of Mystic energy. Is this maybe the reason why she fell through that portal, and will she see her father ever again. 

Book 1 The summons of war

By FGmax

7208 0 0 335

The meeting of a high-ranked noble and a common adventurer will forever change their lives. Together they travel the country trying to find clues about an ancient weapon to win the incoming war. but along the way, they find a lot more.

The Tranquil Expanse

By Athena Rae

93707 4 1 114887

[b]Part 1: Inyarel[/b][br] The country of Inyarel has been thrust into war between the elves and the humans. The humans went from peacefully living in Inyarel to invading the cities and forests the elves called home, claiming these locations for themselves....

The Hidden Sonnets of Caedmon Briarheart

By LadyAdepha

32842 6 0 2253

It is well known throughout Valdys that Cademon Briarheart, Royal Guard and author of the many poetic works which have been posthumously compiled into the popular 'Bardic Lyrics of Caedmon Briarheart', was the long time lover and partner of the late King Velebor....

Skamsen and the Lady: All 6 parts together

By ejmichaels

34751 0 0 0

All six parts now published together. Someone wants the Lady dead. She seems more interested in flirting with her would-be killer. Skamsen needs the Lady alive to set a trap for a dangerous assassin. She thinks it a delightful idea and doesn't seem to mind...

Life of a Rose

By RiverFang

11554 1 0 5240

In an age of peace, serving as a knight under the king of Cré should not be so difficult for Lady Primrose Greenleaf. Her greatest worry should be hiding the fact that she is a woman from those that she leads, not dealing with secrets plots to kidnap Princess...

The Gods of Dragons: Book 2, Law and Chaos

By dragonshadow58

216029 8 0 228069

[Note: Feedback wanted. This is a first draft  awaiting edits, so the perfect time to clarify and fix issues.] Millennia have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdom of man has risen into a...

Blood of the Wolf

By Nicolette.Ann.Cartwright

11608 2 1 10919

Ash and Jesse are twin werewolves who stumble upon their mother's mutilated corpse following a full moon. They then must unravel the tangle of mystery, lies, and secrets surrounding their mother's death and discover which of their pack members was responsible....

Chronicles of Osera: Child of Mesendra

By Jennaskel

34195 1 0 27685

"The things I've created have consequence, therefore balance remains. What you have made has rules, which could always be bent. However, what Mesendra has done," Kallemor takes a slow inhale and releases it in a low hum. "It is sacrilege." ✴ When the spirit...

Peter Pan but Make it Gay (needs a title)

By CharlyGracious

32245 1 1 7718

A boy who refuses to grow up must face that fear to stop the shadows from destroying his world.

Transmigrator Turned Beast Tamer Princess

By Nchristopherson

27316 0 0 40806

Young Call-Center worker Nie Ruyi falls into an entirely new world, where her knowledge of monster types (gained by playing various Video Games, reading Fantasy Novels, and her weekly Dungeons and Dragons group) help her to create a whole new form of Cultivation. During...

Ship-It Show - Fan Fiction!

By KaijuKojin

30066 2 0 6191

The Ship-it show is a Rooster Teeth Production that's hosted by Tara Strong and Greg Cipes. This is a collection of submissions I've made, and links to the episodes they are relevant too. Enjoy the shippage!

When the Blood Moon Rises

By mwelsch678

9761 1 0 3306

PRINCE KYVAN ANDURTH has the weight of the world of Etias on his shoulders, with his ever-nearing ascension to the throne of Reaper Dreizhar shadowing his every waking hour. Unbeknownst to the Andurth family, a darker force, one that has been looming for...

Die Prophezeihung

By wintergoettin

16554 0 0 10363

Gabrielle, entweder Gab oder Gabby genannt, ist die Retterin des Landes, auch wenn sie davon nichts ahnt. Durch das liebende Herz einer Mutter vor dem frühen Tod gerettet, wächst sie in einer rauen Welt heran und verliebt sich in einen Mann, in den sie sich...

The Gods of Dragons: Book 1, Fire and Ice

By dragonshadow58

200326 13 11 181615

[Note: Feedback wanted. This is a first draft  awaiting edits, so the perfect time to clarify and fix issues.] Millennia have passed since the death of the dragons, their loss reshaping the world. From the destruction, the kingdom of man has risen into a...


By Wulfhawk2012

101 0 0 2484

Earth as you know it isn't what you think it is. For eons, humanity has thought it was the only sentient species, not just on their world, but in the galaxy at large. Oh, how wrong they are. This is a story of knights, charging in on their valiant metal...


By Auburn_Wilcox

3222 0 0 7790

Center details the beginning of the love and marriage story of the then-prince Jacob and doctor Iris Arlenia, from their first encounter aboard the Endless Rainbow, and providing snapshots of their growth, both as people and as a relationship starting from...

The Princess of Shadows

By animerose

274 0 0 0

I am Thea Fireglade and I have been accused of targeting my uncle's kingdom. i must now clear my name and find how i can control the shadows.