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War Till Ragnarok

By Erinys H

233 0 0 11525

Lagetha Javya is a mercenary, wandering the war zone between the countries of Khuvell and Vredrana, and she prefers to work alone. That is until the charismatic Ragnar Morgenstern bests her in a duel and forces her to join his mercenary troupe, the Ebony Riders....

A Mercenary's Tale

By GrimIronBones

80 0 0 8262

The Northern and Southern Kingdoms have been at war for ages and stuck in a stalemate for just as long. That was until the Northern Kingdom hired a cutthroat mercenary by the name of Varen. Leading his forces south, Varen quickly gains the Southern Kingdom's...

Truth Spark

By DaniAdventures

187 0 0 4931

Drawn into a battle between two electricity-wielding races from another plane of existence, Lara Sullivan unlocks her own powers and discovers a natural mindlink with a sexy warrior. The erotic visions Cameron Hillard sends her over their link tempt Lara to...