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Aanrah Collection

By necrowmancer

351 0 0 4807

A collection of stories centered around different times and factions of the world of Aanrah. Each chapter will have its own warnings and tags related to what subplot it is a part of!

Humanities first contact gone Oh, So Right

By Akmedrah

16541 37 0 150413

Allan embarks on the adventure that he has always dreamed of. Adventure, Danger and Out of this world beauties... Literally. Join Allan and his compatriots as they adventure across the galaxy.

Ba'Yeduk porn scene

By Mutterwolf

9010 3 1 1537

This was produced for an artist who does a series similar to the anime "Interspecies reviewers". Others expressed interest. Events take place after the Ba'yeduk chapter of "Ghenid Clans of Incaras" manuscript.

Tales from Gemenskap

By Soulwing98

24921 12 1 8150

Chapters within this collection of shorts will have the intention to aid as corner stories for my planned NSFW novel set on the airship city of Gemenskap. - may feature Sexual themes and/or Erotic - - may contain lewd art by yours truly :p -

The Malachite Record (NSFW)

By Dylonishere123

24526 6 0 23353

WARNING! This is an erotic novel. Do not read it if that bothers you.

Night City

By Fexal

31613 0 0 31228

Follows some not-so-good characters as they try to navigate through crazy surreal situations while dealing with some very real problems in a crime-filled city ruled by violent gangs. The city will either swallow them whole while they try to live honestly...

Vigilante Mine

By DaniAdventures

35741 4 1 98538

Internal Affairs be damned, Detective Amanda Werner is ditching protocol to hunt the vigilante whose bullet landed her on the bench. But this is no vendetta. Evidence suggests he's the zealot offing corrupt public officials--the same zealot who's promised...

Truth Spark

By DaniAdventures

16201 2 0 4931

Drawn into a battle between two electricity-wielding races from another plane of existence, Lara Sullivan unlocks her own powers and discovers a natural mindlink with a sexy warrior. The erotic visions Cameron Hillard sends her over their link tempt Lara to...

Short Stories of Seireitei

By RiverFang

5219 0 0 695

This is a compilation of self-insert flash fiction written about characters from the BLEACH universe. Seireitei is an alternate universe of the original BLEACH universe created by Kubo Tite. All stories found here occur in the Seireitei universe. Many of these...