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Pirena Tale One

By vicesalles

1036 0 0 15236

Rosa, Marcos and Pep will face a harsh reality. From very different morals and convictions they'll be forced to strive in a world where second chances are a vane illusion. Will their survival oriented decisions have any influence in the course of history?

Skamsen and the Lady: All 6 parts together

By ejmichaels

38996 0 0 0

All six parts now published together. Someone wants the Lady dead. She seems more interested in flirting with her would-be killer. Skamsen needs the Lady alive to set a trap for a dangerous assassin. She thinks it a delightful idea and doesn't seem to mind...

The Oblivion Chronicles: Book 4 - Love and Loss

By JHarris15

193440 15 0 74599

The Fourth Part of The Oblivion Series. The Shadow has returned and evil has seemingly triumphed. The group must adapt to survive without Alan Wolfrick, with the worst still to come, and not all will see the end. Hope remains as they meet new allies amongst...